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For those of  you that have read my blog for awhile, you know I’ve never romanticized weight loss, nor have I ever promoted diets. For 20 years, I have always maintained that a healthy weight is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle, and the scale does not necessarily dictate good health. In all my years […]
After 20 years in this industry the one constant is people who want to lose weight want to lose it NOW! No matter how often I may remind people that fast and easy is never a solution to long-term weight loss, somehow it doesn’t matter. It seems that the more shows depict weight loss as […]
It’s unbelievably “thick” here in Chicago today. The humidity is so high that the heat index makes it feel like it’s 104 degrees outside, ugh! I found myself drinking a lot more water both pre and post workout. I was reminded how very important it is to keep yourself hydrated, not only during the obvious […]
This past week I joined my hubby for his conference in Vegas. Vegas, not one of my favorite spots, mainly because you’re either sweltering in the “blow dryer” air or freezing with the blasting air conditioning in the smoke filled casinos. But hey, it’s time away and you can’t scoff at that no matter where […]
As long as I’ve been focused on eating better and moving more, I always believe there’s room for improvement. As I head in to the last year of my 40’s, now more than ever I want to be the best I can and the way to make that happen, is to learn what  things I […]
I can honestly say, one of  my biggest fears is death.  I know, there is the religious and philosophical side of it, but somehow, the idea of death doesn’t prompt any feelings of comfort. My fear? Losing someone close to me and realizing that I will never hear that person’s voice, be able to pick […]
Last week, I had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Even Lysacek, what a nice guy. Anyway, I wanted to interview him for my fitness column and find out just what he does to stay fit. You all know there are those who are born to be fit and others, like me, who have to […]
My daughter is a freshman at IU. ‘Sigh’ (Still mourning her absence). She came home this past week (joy) and before I knew it, she packed up and headed back to school. The following morning I received a text from her: “Mom, got a speeding ticket. UGH!” (you can learn more here on how that […]
This past week, I had the privilege of getting away for 7 days on a cruise. To celebrate 25 years of marriage, I figured a cruise would be a nice way to get away and celebrate, I was right. For 7 days I was out of the loop, no phone, no TV (well, very little) […]
Well, I’m getting ready to head out on vacation, a much needed one. But didn’t want to leave without getting in a post and well, today I’ve got a good one. Have you heard about the recent partnership between McDonalds and Weight Watchers? Is it me or is that an oxymoron? I don’t get it, […]