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Some of life’s most important lessons don’t happen with the snap of the fingers, or in the course of a day. In order to learn, sometimes we need to hear a message over and over again. Only when we are ready and willing to accept the message that is being whispered, or in my case yelled, are we truly able to receive it and transform.
I admit that I have not figured life out, no one ever does. I am simply in the process of understanding and appreciating it more fully. The more I'm able to slow down, be in the moment, be more connected, the richer I feel.
  One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving is that it’s not about the gifts, it’s about family. Coming together, sharing a meal, sharing stories and realizing what really matters. However, thanks to this crazy world of consumerism, we can’t even forget about the world around us for one day because stores have decided to […]
  In 2008, I voted for Barack Obama. Political preferences aside, I voted for 2 simple things (yes there were others) but it was hope and change. It was my hope that his appointment as President was an indicator that racism might be fading and perhaps our country would focus on the possibilities versus the […]
  More and more I’m noticing a trend, and I don’t like it.  The trend is families engaging less with each other and more with their iPhones or iPads. It’s no longer uncommon to see families out to dinner all texting with zero conversation throughout the entire meal. I see Mom’s pushing strollers while talking […]
This summer, my last college graduate is home doing what many recent college grads do, hunting for a job. (She’s a telecommunications/marketing major if anyone is hiring!) As I watched her cross the stage to get her $100,000.00 piece of paper, I couldn’t ignore the  movie playing inside my head of all that’s passed and […]
When father’s day rolls around I’m reminded of the great men in my life. Because I didn’t have my blood father around, I typically  found myself wondering what makes for a great Dad.  When those Hallmark commercials started playing around the first of June, there would always be this ideal father. I often wondered, what […]
I am the youngest of 3 girls. Combine that with being a Libra and I feel like I was dealt a pretty great hand. As the youngest, everyone says that the baby of the family gets off easy and is spoiled rotten. If you’re a baby you’ve likely heard that more than once. Is it […]
Thanks to the Oprah interview, all the speculation about Lance Armstrong and doping charges have been confirmed. Though many people including me, thought for years that he was probably guilty of illegally enhancing his performance, I’m always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Clearly my belief in a celebrated hero gone bad, […]
As a mother of four children, it was mandatory that they attend college. I didn’t have the luxury of that kind of support, so I made sure that all of my children had the gift of a loving home and a college education. But what about those who don’t start off with a solid foundation? […]