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For a good portion of my adult life, I set traditional goals. January came along, I would list what I wanted to accomplish and hoped they’d stick. However, ten years ago it all changed. I found myself less excited about the goals I was setting. I decided to do some digging to figure out why […]
For a number of years I’ve written an Ode to the New Year replaying events of the past year. But this year felt different. As I make my way in to the New Year I’m just not inspired to write my annual ode, instead I feel compelled to revisit some of the moments that reminded […]
For a good part of my life I thought I was terrible at math. If I’d make an error when figuring out how much to tip, I’d say, “I suck at math.”  The problem is that every time I said this it reinforced the belief that I was not good at math. Let’s add in […]