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The Biggest Loser Not Such a Big Loser After All.

By Nicki On September 13, 2009 1 Comment

In my 25 plus years in the fitness industry, the most common comment I hear from clients that seek me out for weight loss guidance is, “Well, I did ‘such and such’ diet and that really worked for me. I lost 50 pounds.” But in truth, the diet DIDN’T work, because if it did, the client wouldn’t be seeking me out to lose weight, right?

Let me ask you a question. If someone told you that they had the secret help you lose all the weight you wanted, would you be interested? Now, what if they provided

410 Pound Weight Loss- Now That’s Inspiration!!

By Nicki On July 12, 2009 2 Comments

The media has been all a quiver with the story about 650 pound hermit, David Smith, 32 who recently lost 410 pounds with the help of his live-in personal trainer, Chris Powell. Aside from the luxury of having a personal trainer with him 24/7, David lost weight without pills, without diets, without surgery (other than corrective surgery for excess tissue).

Jump Start Programs Prey on Desperation.

By Nicki On April 5, 2009 No Comments

I was really bummed this past weekend when I received an email from a magazine that I have respected for many years. This particular magazine has a nice reputation for giving it’s readers some pretty solid information. In fact, I’ve recommended this magazine to many of my clients. However, I may rethink that after receiving this email from this company touting a book they’re publishing in which it tells me that I could lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Check out the “teaser” ad.

I’m writing to you today to invite you to “test-pilot” a stunning new weight loss program that can help you lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks.The name of the program is 2-WEEK TOTAL BODY TURNAROUND.The results I have seen with women who have already tested the program are AMAZING:Flabby stomachs get flat. Saggy bottoms are lifted. Jiggly arms are firmed up. Excess pounds melt away.After JUST 1 WEEK, Diane’s pants were literally hanging off:“There was less fat on my butt and thighs, so the hem of my favorite slacks was dragging on the floor!”

Our Focus is Still Missing the Bull’s Eye

By Nicki On March 29, 2009 No Comments

I’m sure this past week you read about Valerie Bertinelli’s weight loss. If not, you were either hiding under a rock or wisely avoiding fluff news.

In case you missed it, according to People magazine, Valerie has done it! She has managed to drop 50 pounds and now graces the cover of People wearing a string bikini.

Bertinelli was on the Today show this past week talking about achieving her goal of wearing a bikini at 48 years old. If you recall, a few years ago it was Kirstie Alley that was the Jenny Craig spokeswoman. Then she told women everywhere, “You can change anything you want, at any time.” She even went on the Oprah show wearing a bikini showing off her “svelte” body.” She made fun of being fat and swore she would never go back there again. Never say never.

Recent paparazzi shots of Kirstie Alley prove that she has “gone back there.” There’s a part of me that is sad for her, but there’s also a part of me that knows she made bank when she decided to go with Jenny Craig and share her weight issues with the world. And of course we know that Oprah has “gone back there” many times over and continues to share with the world, “I don’t know what happened.”

Well, I do, it’s weight loss for all the wrong reasons, simple as that. The truth is anyone can lose a lot of weight for money. If someone told me tomorrow that I’d get a million dollars if I dropped 20 pounds, I’d do it but I’d never be able to stay there, that I know.

Thanks to Hollywood’s thin obsession, we continue to miss the boat over and over again. Losing weight has become a full time job for some, for others a dangerous hobby. The reason that success is consistently short lived is because it’s all about weight, nothing else. When the weight is dropped it’s “party time” but during the partying, there is no one keeping an eye on the bad habits that are sneaking back in and before they know it, BAM, the weight is back, and they’re saying, “I don’t know how it happened?”

You cannot pay attention just to weight, it’s a myriad of things including health and whatever motivational component that is important enough to keep you on task. Obviously, health is not a strong enough motivator or perhaps just not touted enough.

For those that successfully keep weight off, it’s often due to fear. I know when I lost my 50 pounds, the idea of feeling miserable, tired, and chronic discomfort was my reason for not gaining it back. I didn’t keep the weight off to be more attractive, or to brag about wearing a size 2, sure it helped, but I kept it off for my future. It’s unfortunate that the population at large just don’t seem to get it.

Do I really care that Valerie Bertinelli can sport a bikini on the front of People magazine? (Can you say touch up?) Don’t get me wrong, God bless the woman, but she should be holding up her doctors report showing her new and improved vitals, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, reduced risk of cancer, etc. But instead, she shows that at 48 she can wear a bikini. As a responsible adult, if she and others want to contribute something positive to women’s health and esteem, it should be this, “Lose weight for the good of your health. Lose weight for a better quality of life. Lose weight to be a stronger, healthier, smarter woman, not just to be hot or relevant.”

Those women, (cough, Oprah Winfrey), that claim they struggle with weight loss, (cough,Oprah Winfrey), should once and for all let the weight go and do the right thing which is address the health ramifications that come with extra weight. Do I REALLY want to lose weight to wear a bikini? Sure, its cool, but 20 years from now, who cares? However, if those superstars lose weight and appear on the front of People, they should be celebrating their new vitals versus their new abs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sell magazines, sad but true.

Look, I’m a personal trainer, I understand all too well that vanity plays a role in the overall weight loss effort, but the problem is that vanity isn’t enough for long-term success. Yet, vanity continues to override what really matters, good health.

Isn’t good health the message that we should be sending to our sisters, aunts, daughters and friends? Losing weight for vanity alone won’t save you. Losing weight and making healthy choices that will eventually contribute to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body, THAT will save you!! For the love of God man, we’re so missing the boat here.

There have been a number of campaigns in which women speak on behalf of breast cancer or abuse and the atrocities that women have suffered. At the risk of sounding as though I’m minimizing those two issues, I’m not, shouldn’t someone be speaking out about the atrocities of the “push” for thin? Valerie Bertinelli is a perfect example. Women should not be wearing bikini’s to show their self-worth, rather showing their vitality which is the result of living a healthy lifestyle, not sporting a bikini.

Although I applaud Valerie Bertinelli’s weight loss victory, I ask that she and any other women that “sport” their new body share that it’s not just about the size, or the bikini, it’s much deeper than that. Because my friends, I will tell you, unless there is a reason important enough to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, people will not do it. Wearing a bikini, or sporting a pair of skinny jeans is a temporary feeling of victory, when you’re 60 or 65 skinny jeans and a bikini becomes irrelevant. Being healthy at 60 or 65 is a far greater victory. Until we are able to make that distinction, bikini’s at 48 years old will trump health every time and in my humble opinion, that’s an atrocity.

New “Miracle” Diet Pills still miss the point!

By Nicki On March 26, 2009 1 Comment

Flipping between VH-1 and the “Today Show” while getting my workout in, a segment came on the Today Show about a new weight loss “cocktail” which includes 3 different pills. This weight loss combination is in the final stages of human testing, and could win FDA approval sometime next year. ‘Sigh’

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Medical Correspondent for the Today Show told Matt Lauer that this combination may be what’s needed for successful weight loss. She did however, follow it up by saying, “We can’t forget that these pills still aren’t the magic bullet, you still must watch your nutrition and exercise.” Halle-friggin’-lujah! Yes, no matter what, when all is said and done, you still need to eat well and exercise regularly.

Every time there is “hoopla” over a new diet pill I cringe. I cringe because I have asked hundreds of my clients, “If you weighed your ideal weight tomorrow, would you stop exercising?” Most of them say, “Yes, and then I could eat whatever I wanted!” Wait a minute, what? No, no, wrong answer. No matter what you weigh, it is still imperative to move more and eat well. Unfortunately, diets and diet pills send the wrong message, one that I have been trying to fight for years, “If you lose weight, you don’t have to do anything else because you’ve lost weight.”

So let me make one clarification before I get on my soap box, I KNOW that losing weight can improve your vitals, blood pressure can come down, cholesterol, triglycerides, I know, I get that piece of it. But I also know a lot of skinny/fat people that although they are seemingly thin, inside they are not healthy and more often than not, these are the folks that will be getting their hands on this drug.

So before any weight loss pill starts getting all of this attention, I think we’re missing out on the TRUE weight loss “miracle” which ironically is right under our nose. The miracle is our body. The ability to exercise and choose our food wisely. Pills may have the ability to help people lose their cravings, but if they’re not taught or encouraged to eat well, when what little appetite they have resurfaces, often the food choices they make are not healthy. I know this because the people I have the privilege to train, share this information with me. IN other words, many people will choose weight loss over health, hands down.

It’s almost like we’re giving people this choice, “O.K. you can take this pill and do nothing and the weight will fall off, OR you can exercise 4-5 times per week, eat healthy most of the time and weight loss will be a gradual process. ” Hellllooo? Which do you think they will choose? C’mon we’re a society of quick fixes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know which choice most people will make. Thanks to shows like the Biggest Loser and trendy diets, weight loss is made to look “fast-n-easy,” so everyone is seeking that. Consequently, that choice is the most detrimental as they are learning NOTHING about the value of taking a genuine interest in their health. It makes me crazy.

So, when I heard about this potential diet “miracle” cocktail, was I excited? Funny thing is, someone said to me, “Yeah, if the drug passes and people start dropping weight, as a trainer you’ll be out of business!” Why would I be out of business? People STILL need to exercise, people still lack motivation