Day: April 12, 2021

14 Indeterminate pronouns: PlurielA indeterminate pronoun is always plural: the two, many, few, others, several. An indeterminate pluralistic pronoun adopts the plural form of the verb. For example, many people want fruit for dessert. 16 Choose the right verbThe most students (go, go) to Tony for snacks. 2. None of us (is, is) go. […]
the Tribunal finds that a party did not understand the nature or consequences of the agreement. Yes, yes. They can sign a marriage contract after their marriage. However, it is best to discuss the issue of a marriage contract with your spouse well before your marriage, as it can cause disharmony in the marriage […]
Rockstar Games makes its responsibility very clear. The company is not liable for incidental, special or consequential damage, as far as the law allows. If the company has to assume a liability, it will only pay up to the amount the user paid for the software – again, unless the law says otherwise: even […]
In the law, a pendant is a double document. The term “counterparty” is used in legal documents to describe a copy of a signed contract, considered legally binding, just like the original. In many cases, multiple copies of a contract document are produced, allowing all parties and signatories to obtain a copy of the […]
This article examines how a meeting can be blocked to negotiate the termination of a worker`s employment and the key issues that employers should pay attention to when holding such meetings. It is important that employers give workers reasonable time to review their offer for each transaction proposal. CasaS` recommendation is 10 days. The […]
The exact conditions of a SAFE vary. However, the basic mechanics[1] are that the investor makes available to the company a certain amount of financing at the time of signing. In return, the investor will later receive shares in the company in connection with specific contractual liquidity events. The main trigger is usually the […]
The parties must also accept the terms of the transaction and the complainant must accept the dismissal of the appeal. All of this is included in a transaction agreement. Transaction agreements are entered into because the defendant may, at some point, make a financial offer to the complainant to terminate the action. If the […]
In September 1984, after years of negotiations, the British and Chinese signed a formal agreement authorizing the re-island to China in 1997, in exchange for China`s promise to maintain Hong Kong`s capitalist system, and on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was officially ceded to China, which included a series of high-ranking Chinese and British […]
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