Good Friends = Good Health

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There is nothing more invigorating or gratifying than a great conversation with great friends. As I get older, I find that I love those friends that have willingly turned over the “age-fight” in exchange for embracing change, and the unpredictability of what’s next.

After more than 20 years in the fitness industry, I have encountered many women who feel the pressure of perfection. Rather than allowing the good stuff to overpower the not-so-good stuff, women focus on all the things they can’t change vs. the things they can.

It’s unfortunate that at every turn, today’s women are being preached to via magazines, websites and television shows on the perils of getting older, and aging is a bad thing.  Women are expected to fight aging and regain their youth through a serum, pill,  or whatever the latest trend is. When women succumb to popular expectations, they inadvertently lose the essence of who they are, relinquishing their ability to thrive.

Over the years I’ve held tight to those friends that make me laugh- a lot. My friends are are optimistic, confident, inquisitive, and need little to feel complete. I love when my friends challenge me to dig deeper, look for more opportunities to spread my wings, and become something more than the all too common empty shell. Far too many women are spending their energy on the shell and ignoring the most important part, what’s inside the shell.

For years I told my clients (when I was training), to work from the inside out, to dig deep for all treasure that is within and once that treasure is discovered, there’s nothing you can’t do. Unfortunately, the only digging that’s being done is on the outside, digging at their shortcomings and perceived limitations. My swimming coach!

It’s actually sad,  because absolutely every single woman I have ever met (despite what they believe), has buried treasure waiting to be discovered.  Yet, they believe that the outside is reflective of what’s inside. They assume if they can’t achieve perfection externally, there is certainly no digging to be done internally. Again, sad.

As I move forward and write more, part of my mission is to inspire women to begin with internal changes, finding the happiness that DOES exist, exploring new opportunities vs. being limited by external limitations. It’s vitally important to surround yourself with those people that lift you up, not push you down. Enrich your life by staying with friends that downplay your imperfections, and focus on your gifts and encourage you to use them.  As women, we should never settle, never compromise, and most importantly never give up our internal search for treasure, because it’s there.

I love my friends, I’m grateful for their respect, sense of humor, encouragement and acceptance. Those are the friends that are good for my health and act as my natural anti-aging elixir. I have come to understand that good health isn’t the result of one thing, i.e., exercise, nutrition, rather it is a compilation of things, one of which includes good friends.

My nutrition mentor!

You want to be healthy and age well? Surround yourself with good friends, they are the ones that see your potential and encourage you to seize it. I encourage you to dig deep for the buried treasure, it’s worth is invaluable, it’s effect eternal. Further, just think of the money you’ll save on anti-aging products. You can thank me later!




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