Connecting with Your Purpose


It’s been 5 months since I sold my business. Since the sale, I have been asked hundreds of times, “So, how’s retirement?” I never had the intention of retiring, I simply realized that I had lost my purpose and wanted to go out and find it.

In 1993, when I started my business, 3 hours of sleep at night was common. I would lie in bed and go through the different programs, marketing ideas and client programs because I was so excited about every single aspect of my business. As the business grew, so did my sense of purpose.  I couldn’t wait to get to work every single day because it was  something I was meant to do. Fast forward 20 years, personal inventory of purpose on a scale of 1-10? Purpose- 0.

For a few years I tried to quiet the voice that was telling me my time was up with training, and it was time to move on. I ignored not only my emotions as to where I was, but the physical ramifications of sticking with something that no longer fed me.  I found myself chronically tired, depressed and empty. I felt as though my passion was drained, and although I loved my clients (the best clients ever), my purpose was gone, kaput.

After months of denial, I needed to face the truth and move forward. But the thought of doing that was scary. What if I didn’t find it? What if purpose is a one shot deal? I felt as though life was passing me by, and for someone who normally engages completely in life, I felt completely disengaged.

What I found so interesting is how something I loved so much was now an albatross? How could something that gave me so much joy at one time be such a source of agitation?

The truth is that no matter what you do, if you can’t realize your purpose or feel passion, your essence will wither and die. I’m a true believer that we are all placed on this earth to share our unique talents and make a difference. When that goal is no longer part of the picture, or has been met, it’s time to move on. A natural progression.

Although I retired from my business,  I have not retired from finding and implementing my purpose. I will never retire from doing things I am passionate about. I will never retire from the joy that comes from completely immersing myself in those things that just feel right, for me.  That’s what finding purpose is all about, trusting your gut  and diving because it feels so right.

The truth is that you can’t reignite the fires of passion if there’s no kindling. My kindling is ready.  I spend my days helping others be it through a freelance writing job, speaking or volunteer work. I vow each and every day to find a way to make a difference, to be a better person, and to end each day with gratitude. Sounds so incredibly corny, but the truth is those few things are clearly my purpose because when they’re practiced, I’m completely happy.

So I ask you, what is your purpose? Does what you do each and every single day bring you joy? Fill you with passion? If you haven’t found it,  if you believe the search is worth the discovery, you will. The more we settle, the harder it becomes to go out and search for what resonates with us. Happiness and gratitude are natural byproducts of finding your purpose and living with passion. Here’s to your purpose, and what a gift it is when you finally decided to unwrap it and look inside, surprise!

Here’s to never wishing for more time, rather making the most of it!



5 responses to “Connecting with Your Purpose”

  1. I sold my first business when I was 22 – it was enough to comfortably retire on and people thought I’d do just that. Fact is retirement is over rated, instead I had the financial freedom to persue projects that I LOVED and it’s been such a blessing.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Hi Nicki
    I loved reading this, because it sounds exactly what I am going through myself! After training for 22 years, and running my own fitness studio for 8 years, I have found I no longer have the joy for it. I am most likely to dissolve the studio or have it taken over by another fitness professional looking to spread their wings. Although it will be sad, I feel it is time to move on. Thanks for helping me see, that it is ok to lose the passion and find a new one! Rhonda

  3. Rhonda, thanks for sharing. I think sometimes we just need that reassurance that it’s o.k. to move on. There’s no sense in staying with something that you’re not enjoying because it’s wasting your talent and potential. Good luck with your transition!

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