Forgetting Christmas

My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”  ~ Bob Hope, American film actor and comedian.Keep-your-Christmas-heart-open-all-the-year-round.-Jessica-Archmint

As Christmas inches closer, the holiday spirit makes its presence known through family gatherings, gift giving and grudges pushed aside. However, I’m reminded that the spirit I swore I’d carry with me all year long, dropped off around mid-February as the gloom of Chicago winters got the best of me. I let go of the enthusiasm that kicks in December 1st. That first December day, I embrace the truth that the needy don’t just need in December, that kindness should be spread throughout 12 months not 31 days, and that concern and love for others isn’t seasonal. I’m motivated to change the world on December 1st, until um, January 1st.

I liken the idea that I can live with the Christmas spirit year round to those who set their weight loss intentions January 1st, only to find that 30 days later, the goal was a bit lofty.

So, instead of thinking I can change the world in 30 days, I will try something a little more reasonable, each day, I’ll ask myself, “What can I do today, that will contribute to a better tomorrow?”  That is a question I can answer every day, year round. I often make the mistake of thinking that gift giving is an act of kindness, when in truth the real gift is giving of your heart, living with more compassion, patience and love. I’m thinking that is something that I can stick with. I believe now, and will likely feel this way 6 months from now, that becoming a year ’round “gift giver” versus just one month out of the year, is the best way to keep the spirit  of the season alive and well all year long.

Here’s wishing you and yours the spirit of the season that inspires you every day of the year.




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