Aemo Gas Supply Hub Exchange Agreement

Gas day, trading hours and windows for each stock market product. The stock exchange agreement and all transactions under this agreement constitute a single multilateral agreement. All amounts are due to the trader or the stock exchange operator. This structure allows, among other things, the net calculation of market engagement for prudential purposes, thereby reducing the costs of participants. The count is late every month. This figure is a summary of the monthly volume of trade and prices in the gas supply centre. Alinta`s gas interests on the east coast are Braemar-1, a 500-megawatt (MW) gas production plant in southern Queensland consisting of three open gas turbine units. It also has about 150 km of pipeline between Condamine and Braemar, which is used exclusively to power the Braemar power plant. The amendments to the National Gas Act2 established AEMO`s gas trading functions. Overall, these AEMOs require the creation, operation and management of one or more gas trading exchanges. The National Gas Act also made it possible to change the national rules on the implementation of the gas exchange. These amendments came into effect on January 1, 2014 and added a new part 22 which: The Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub offers products for the sale and purchase of gas delivered via one of the three major interconnections to Wallumbilla.

Participants place anonymous offers (for sale) or offers (to be purchased) at a certain price, and these are automatically cross-referenced on the exchange to make transactions. Wallumbilla is an important transit point between Queensland and other gas markets on the east coast of Australia. It is strategically close to a large supply and demand for gas, is a collection centre for large gas deposits and a supply point for demand centres in Gladstone and Brisbane. It is also located near gas tanks and gas production. The following documents describe important agreements, rules and conditions that bind GSH members, or that can be used by them. How-tos detailed and troubleshooting for traders who use the GSH Exchange. The gas trading exchange is an electronic trading platform. Market participants submit orders to buy and sell products available for trading on the stock market.

Each order must be the price, the quantity and whether it is an offer (for sale) or an offer (to be purchased). The trading platform corresponds to compatible offers and offers and, when cross-checked, transactions are created. Participants must then deliver and settle in. The settlement price of a transaction is determined by the price in the order – the gas trading exchange does not set a single market price for the settlement of all transactions. Each participant must adhere to the affiliation agreement and adhere to the rules and terms and conditions associated with it. Die GSH-B-rsenvereinbarung legt die Bedingungen, die die Teilnahme an der GSH regeln. It was developed in close consultation with industry and government stakeholders. The stock exchange is a forum to bring together buyers and sellers, to trade short-term gas on standard terms.

With respect to its role in the gas market, the stock exchange has almost nothing in common with the Victorian wholesale gas market (DWGM) or the short-term market (STTM). The main features of the gas trading exchange are: as shown in the graph, the exchange agreement contains related documents, such as regulations and monitoring method and any accession agreement.

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