Austin Community College Articulation Agreements

Switching from Austin Community College (ACC) to a four-year college or university is a popular way to get a bachelor`s degree. You can build a solid academic base and save on university costs before transferring by earning university credits to the CCA. For more information, please visit our transfer services website. VAC has developed articulation agreements with more than 60 colleges and universities, also known as transfer contracts. These agreements help ensure that the courses you take at THE CCA are transferred and applied to the requirements of your licence. They describe the minimum MPA requirements for accreditation, the maximum number of credit hours transferred and transferable courses for certain financial statements or staffs. For more information, see university information, transfer guides and course equivalencies. The Office of Joint relations and universities at Austin Community College (ACC) is responsible for creating and maintaining effective academic partnerships that enable CCA students to effectively access the universities of their choice. This office works proactively with the CCA and university faculties to develop clear and precise transferarulation processes and agreements that guarantee VAC courses and degree portability.

The CCA`s articulation agreement with Angelo State University allows ACC Honors students to be automatically included in the ASU`s honorary program after admission to university. For more information, please contact Dr. Shirley M. Eoff at ASU is part of the Texas Tech University system and offers additional opportunities for students who join the ASU Honors program after the VAC change. Below is a list of four-year institutions with links and guides that help students plan their transfer to a four-year degree. This is not an exhaustive list of all potential transfer objectives. University-specific information, including transfer guides, 2-and-a-second agreements, course equivalencies and basic curriculum information, is published, if available.

The university`s website will always have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Concordia University of Texas (CTX) and Austin Community College (ACC) have entered into an articulation agreement that defines course equivalencies between the two institutions. Click on the link below for a course equivalency guide. The CCA Honors program has agreements with some Texas universities that allow students to easily apply the credits they have acquired at the CCA to their university education. For more information on credit transfer, please contact Renee Esparza, Transfer Resources Director, 512-223-0176 or For more information on articulation agreements, please contact Dr. MaryJane McReynolds, Director, Articulation and Academic Relations, 512-223-7677 or

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