The Jeffersons The Agreement

Monroe and Livingston immediately negotiated what Jefferson later called a “ephemeral event”, and on April 30 they reached an agreement that exceeded their authority – the purchase of louisiana territory, including New Orleans, for $15 million. The acquisition of approximately 827,000 square miles would double the size of the United States. George wants Jenny to have a financial settlement to divorce — before she and Lionel get married. Lionel as Damon Evans. Louise: Isabel Sanford. Helen: Roxie Roker. George blows up Lionel and Jenny because of a marriage pact he proposed. George, reacting to a statement about the pre-nuptual agreements of a conversation with Mr. Bentley, interferes with Lionel and Jenny`s relationship by suggesting that Lionel get Jenny to sign one. It leads Jenny and Lionel to a big fight that ends up in them to cancel the wedding. Meanwhile, Louise is betting with George that Lionel will be angry with his proposal, but George tries to hide Lionel`s reaction from Louise.

George`s proposal for a marriage deal creates tension between Jenny and Lionel – and George loves it every minute. . An old friend of George Davis comes after learning of George`s success. But Monk has more in mind than just a friendly visit. . Napoleon agreed. On April 11, Foreign Minister Charles Maurice of Talleyrand Livingston announced that France was ready to sell all of Louisiana. Livingston informed Monroe when he arrived the next day. Sanford asked the “little man she could have crushed like an insect” and wondered why the director thought someone in the world would never have thought the two characters would be a married couple.

Of course, she proved wrong, because years after the show ended, she and Hemsley were often hired as a couple to perform in commercials and other television shows. Foreign Minister Talleyrand told Livingston that France was ready to sell all of Louisiana. When a young woman shows up at Jefferson`s door and she learns that she thinks she is Louise`s daughter, George has a seizure and begins to doubt Louise. Especially since the young woman was born while George was in the Korean War. Marla Gibbs had worked for 11 years as a booking agent at United Airlines (and had performed in plays in her spare time) when she finished the role of Florence on The Jeffersons. The character was not supposed to be recurrent, but Gibbs received such a positive response from the audience that he was recalled a few episodes later. She eventually got a contract, but it was for only seven episodes (at the time, Florence`s character had to change scenes with Zara “Mother Jefferson” Cully). Two years later, Gibbs commuted daily from sunset Boulevard Studio after filming The Jefferson at the Sixth Street United Airlines reservation office in downtown L.A. Producers were surprised to learn of this; Fearing that it had stretched too slightly, they offered to take a leave of absence from the airline.

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