Urbanest Tenancy Agreement

Once you have confirmed your booking with the most urban, we need some documents that will be uploaded to your portal within 14 days or before check-in (depending on what is earlier). A written retraction letter is sent by e-mail to: bookings@urbanest.co.uk. The letter indicates the booking reference on your contract (starting with T), the customer`s name and a reason for termination. We will then contact a cancellation form to begin the cancellation process We offer 3 types of rates: Fully Upfront, Three Instalments and Ten Instalments. The first instalment must always be paid 14 days before the start of the rental. The most urban properties are non-smoking buildings. If you are caught smoking or smoking smoke or fire detectors, you are responsible for a tax because it is against the law. Urbanest Buildings are certified “Secured by Design,” which means that they have achieved not only a minimum level of physical security – doors, locks, windows, lighting, alarms, etc. – but also if the development layout significantly reduces the possibility of crime.

Urbanest will continue to review our host policy and if the current government restrictions go away, we will change our host policy accordingly. All rental dates are visible at the time of booking. However, if you need an earlier trip, we can contact us, we will see what we have at our disposal. We are committed to providing quality service for all city functions; From the front of the house staff to the on-site maintenance team. If you have any suggestions to improve things, you can urbanest.com/feedback us — a team member will review your proposal and put you in touch with what we are going to do in a few days. No, the rental agreement prevents you from subletting your room. If you plan to leave your room prematurely, please inform the hotel management team first. As soon as possible! You can never be over-prepared if you look at the accommodation options for students. Urbanest wants to help you find the space that is just what it takes to embark on your university journey. Once you have signed your lease, you cannot reduce the term of the lease. Your rental agreement says you shouldn`t share your key with others.

This should help keep all our residents and your guest safe. If you would like someone else to use your room, please contact the reception team who can help. larger urban buildings are designed as student housing, so we can only accommodate full-time students. If you wish to renew your rental agreement, you should inform the city as soon as possible to ensure that your room has not been rented to someone else. Bookings are made early each year, so we advise you to re-book bookings at an early stage to avoid disappointment.

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