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In a statement published on the website of the Occasional Teachers` Bargaining Unit, the OECD states that “following the preliminary agreement between the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) and the Teachers élémentaires de Toronto (TECT), the pink list of the TCDSB was repealed immediately on September 3, 2016 at 4:55 p.m. .m.” In a statement to CBC News, Ann Hawkins, president of the Ontario Association of Catholic Teachers, said that “most of our members went on strike and did not apply for new positions until a fair collective agreement could be reached with the school authority. But some decided not to stick to this action, and they ended up having an unfair advantage over their colleagues. Yan declined to comment on the details of the collective bargaining process, but said the board must abide by the Education Ministry`s guidelines and the collective agreement with the OECD. “Yes, they are extremely angry,” she said. “The pink listing is a negotiating instrument that contains an agreement. Unfortunately, during this period, some members applied for permanent employment. And now these sanctions are being reduced. To increase the union`s bargaining power, the OECD Secretary-General listed the Toronto District Catholic School Board “pink” in May. The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) has withspoon, with the blessing of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), cut vacancies for dozens of teachers – a move that has “extremely upset” these teachers, according to a union official. Now that the teachers` union and the board of directors have a contract, this ban has been lifted. “Some of these positions for which they can apply and, in some cases, teachers who have lost the permanent position may be qualified for the vacant position,” he said. Hawkins says job recognition will ensure that all qualified candidates are considered for permanent positions and that the best candidates are hired. John Yan, a spokesman for the TCDSB, confirmed that about 57 teachers have received notifications, but said they are still on the board as opportunity teachers.

The teachers were hired by the board of directors between May 17 and September 6, when the board of directors and the teachers` union were caught up in difficult contract negotiations. This effectively prohibited union members from applying for permanent positions as primary school teachers on the board of directors. Hawkins said that now that a contract has been concluded, “the teachers and the school authority have agreed to fill these positions and to give all teachers occasionally the opportunity to apply for vacancies.” “If you opt for an application and pass, you will have to face possible OECDTA sanctions/disciplines,” the union warned its members. Now teachers who were offered a job while the board was in pink are being punished, says a union representative who asked not to be quoted. “You just press the reset button to improve the competitive conditions,” she said. In total, the council says 57 occasioned teachers – who are called by schools in case of absence of teachers – were informed last week that their permanent status has been lifted. “They didn`t lose their jobs, they lost their permanent jobs, but they`re still employed on the board,” he said. .

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