Enfield Planning Performance Agreement

In the case of a building permit, it is useful to agree on a program for managing planning conditions and possible modifications. It is highly recommended to have a AAA for the commitment of resources on both sides and a presentation agreement is also provided below. Planning Performance Agreements (SAAs) allow for a tailored project management approach for the designation, negotiation and definition of planning requests and allow this process to take place outside the legal 13-week deadline. For larger and more important development proposals or that raise more complex policy or planning issues, we recommend entering into a planning performance agreement. We offer a tailor-made consulting service for important developments, often through planning performance agreements. It can be a combination of the following: identifying important planning requests within a legal period of 13 weeks, while having obtained the best use of the land and the best result from the surrounding municipality, can be complex and difficult for all parties involved. You can get advice from the planning team before making a formal request. The advice is based on guidelines and we cannot tell you whether your proposal will be successful or not. We may be able to give you advice on how to make your proposal more acceptable. When the request to build a large-scale proposal is submitted without a planning agreement, it is stopped without the long dialogue that normally takes place on these projects. As a result, officials cannot give any guarantee as to the final decision on a construction application. While a planning performance agreement helps to ensure that a significant request is processed according to a schedule agreed with meetings in order to overcome problems that arise during the application process; the signing of a planned performance agreement between the applicant and the local planning authority does not prejudge the outcome of a construction application and does not offer a guarantee of a building permit.

We believe that using planning performance agreements in Islington gives the best results to all, and we highly recommend their use. At the bottom of the page you will find three templates that cover the pre-application phase, the planning application phase, and the post-decision phases that you can download and complete.. . . .

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