Transport Agreement Terms And Conditions

2.2 – Prices do not include customs duties, taxes, taxes and taxes due in their own way, including taxes or customs provisions. 2.3 – The initially agreed prices are renegotiated at least once a year. If no special conditions are agreed, the company will charge upon delivery and the customer will have 14 days to pay. No insurance is taken out by T.L.O. without a written and double order from the part indicating the risks to be covered and the values of the goods to be insured. When such an order is placed, T.L.O., acting on behalf of the mandated party, takes out insurance with an insurance company known to be solvent at the time of coverage. Unless expressly provided, only ordinary risks (with the exception of war and strike risks) must be covered. In this particular case, the T.L.O., which acts as an intermediary, is in no way considered an insurer.

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