Yang Dimaksud Sales Agreement

Purchase contracts are concluded orally on the basis of the element of confidence (high confidence) on the part of exporters and importers. In addition, the two sides have had good experiences of cooperation. Usually, this form of contract is simple with a small payment amount. The order is a form of purchase contract in which the buyer (importer) has accepted the seller`s offer. In addition, it is necessary to fill out a reservation receipt for the purchase of a number of goods. The advantage of placing orders is to avoid refusing to deliver goods to importers. In addition, the exporter will draw up a contract letter in the form of a purchase and sale contract, in which information on force majeure (circumstances of coercion) and the inspection clause of the goods (inspection clause) are attached. Delivery of purchase contracts to importers is made with two duplicates if the contract letter has been signed by the exporter. The payment terms offered in purchase contracts consist of two types, namely the use of a letter of credit (L / C) and without a letter of credit (L / C). Letter of credit (L/C) means a letter of guarantee addressed to the exporter by the issuing bank containing a payment order for the nominal payment and grace period specified by the importer. When the communication has been established for the first time between the importer (buyer) and the exporter (seller), the importer sends a letter of request for a desired product to the exporter. A letter of request is a letter that contains the description, price, quality and delivery date of the goods. The main condition for the creation of a contract is the existence of a commodity / product that is exchanged.

The conditions of goods in question (conditions of goods / products) include: After the conditions of goods have been agreed, the following condition is the way in which the goods selected by both parties are sent. This shipment includes transhipment, partial shipment or port of loading and port of destination. To conclude a purchase contract, there are several processes that must be carried out by both interested parties, the process is formed in the form of: business relations between two or more countries are carried out on the basis of a commitment, which means that the entire process of buying and selling is considered legitimate, it must be registered in a trade agreement.. .

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