How to Gift the Physically Fit Mam



(Guest post by Quinn McAdams )

The holiday season has arrived, and many people are thinking about Christmas gifts. Finding the perfect gift for anyone is difficult, especially for a man who is active and fit. Obvious items like running shorts and shoes are helpful, but do not make a statement. Below are some ideas of some unique gifts for the healthy man who has everything.

Weighted Vest

Adding extra weight during a cardio workout will aid in building endurance and strength. Giving a man a weighted vest will allow him to put on muscle as he does his cardio routine, whether by running or going to the gym. It is a gift he is sure to appreciate.

Golf Shoe Bag

Many fit men enjoy playing golf and wind up with dirty shoes after the last hole. This can cause a big mess if they are simply tossed into a car trunk. A golf shoe bag is a stylish way to solve this problem. It comes with vents, which allow the shoes to dry out while preventing mud and grass from spreading inside the car. I bought my husband one a few years ago from this site.


Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Fit people like to keep track of their heart rate while working out. A heart rate monitor watch is a great way to do this. The watch can determine target heart rates, whether the training regimen is focused on burning fat or improving fitness and find the right balance between activity and rest. The device can also conveniently push fitness data to a computer.


Touchscreen Gloves

Nothing is more frustrating than being out on a run in cold weather and having to use a smartphone with standard gloves. This has caused some men to simply run without gloves, which is not comfortable. Touchscreen gloves have thinner material at the fingertips to allow the person to easily change music and answer calls while exercising.

Filtered Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during workouts is very important. Those who exercise outdoors often drink bottled water, and using a filtered water bottle is a smart way to save money and respect the environment. The bottle provides the convenience of being able to fill up anywhere, and it can be useful in emergency situations. Check out some filtered water bottle reviews here.
Giving the right gift requires thought and planning when it comes to the active man. The guide above is a good starting point for practical, useful gifts that will continue to please for years to come.


Here’s to never wishing for more time, rather making the most of it.


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