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Save Your Dollars and Sense- The Real Scoop on Weight Loss

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O.K, I have to admit that every January I cringe when I see the ads for weight loss. The miracles abound and the “real” answer to weight loss woes are simply a click away. Too  much belly fat? There’s a program for that.  Excess holiday weight gain? There’s a drink for that.  Get abs of steel with 4 simple steps. My response to all of those secrets to success is bull$&@*!  After 30 years in the health and fitness industry I ask that you read the rest of this post knowing that what I’m sharing with you is fact. No hype, nothing earth shattering simply the honest to goodness truth about weight loss, why people are overweight and ultimately what the ONLY solution is.

First, let it be said that I made the conscious decision to sell my fitness business and walk away from the industry after 30 years. I was fried, frustrated and felt it was time to move on and find my passion and purpose somewhere else. I’m sharing that with you so that you understand I have no ulterior motives other than to motivate you to walk away from any “too good to be true” ads and prevent you from parting with good money for bad solutions. So, here we go.

1. Diets don’t work, period. Yes, yes, yes, we’ve all lost weight on them, self included but for the long-term they do not work. What works is CHANGING your diet. Each day,bit by bit, small change by small change.

2. Say good-bye to fried food, fast food and fake food. You can’t expect to make these changes over night, but I can assure you, if you get rid of the 3-f’s your body will respond in kind, i.e. you’ll drop some lbs. and feel significantly better.

3. Ignore the television ads and 3 minute solutions in magazines. Here is what you should always remember, if there were truly a drug, vitamin, piece of equipment that really helped you lose weight successfully, it would be on every news program, on the front of newspapers, etc.  There isn’t one so the next time you see an ad that shares “Millions of people have already bought our product and been successful” they’re likely lying.

4. Here are the ONLY things you need to know to reach a healthy weight, reclaim your health and potentially get off of medication:  Eat less, move every single day (even if it’s only 15 minutes), drink more water, limit alcohol, get a decent amount of sleep and love yourself.  That’s it, that’s the secret, that’s the miracle.


Books, magazines and ads can spin weight loss any way they want to, but the truth is #4 is the ultimate solution. Of course, your expectations need to be in line with your lifestyle. In other words, if you like having that occasional glass of vino, you know that exercise daily may not happen and you still love your Friday night pizza, don’t expect miracles. But if you’re still eating better, drinking more water, moving more consciously (even if it’s getting up from your desk every 30 minutes to grab a drink of water) you’ll be ahead of the game by years end.

O.K. I feel better. Do you?


Here’s to never wishing for more time, rather making the most of it. Happy 2014!!




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January 6, 2014

I lost 50 pounds last year doing basically what you said in #4. People have asked me how I did it. They want to hear there was a magic pill or silver bullet. They don’t like to hear that it was diet and exercise. And not “diet” as in a special diet, but diet as in I couldn’t eat what I’d been eating. Or definitely not as much of it. I knew I couldn’t rely on a gadget or a lose-5-pounds-a-day diet or I wouldn’t be able to maintain it. I can still have fast food or a glass of wine from time to time. It just can’t be an every day or nearly every day occurrence as it once was. It has to fit in with whatever else I’m doing that day. I don’t ever want to see those 50 pounds again!


January 7, 2014

Congratulations Heather! That is fantastic! Moderation and commitment to health is the “secret” and it seems you’ve found it!


January 8, 2014


January 18, 2014

Ha! Thanks Heather!

Ha Nguyen

January 22, 2014

Diets have never worked for me. This post is exactly what I need right now. Your words make me feel much better. Everybody is different. You can’t apply one formula to people and hope it’ll change the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


February 8, 2014

Thank you Ha Nguyen! You’re so right about one formula. It’s unique to each person!