I’m Back! Let’s Get to It!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any new material on this site. Partly because I held a position which meant keeping my personal thoughts separate from my work, so I halted the blog. But I’m back, with a few things to say, and hopefully I will hear from you too.

To be honest, I love writing. It feeds my soul and is an outlet for me which is crucial to my well-being. I love writing quotes, and stories that serve to inspire in some way. We all have a purpose, and over the last 5 years, without the ability to write more, I know now more than ever, I NEED to write.

When I sat down to write this post, I came to my chair ready to write my heart out. I sat in front of the computer and nothing. Usually, I have hundreds of ideas running through my head, yet when I sat down, my well was empty. I didn’t understand it. It’s never happened before. Then, I read an article that identified the possible reason my well had run dry.

Thrive Global did an interview with Sam Lansky, Time editor and novelist. During the Q and A regarding this virus, he shares, “I’ve compared it to an app that’s running on background draining your phone’s battery: We are managing new forms of anxiety, and the subconscious effects of that are substantial.” BINGO! My background app has drained me, mentally and emotionally. I’ve realized that the past 5 months has left me in this sort of limbo wondering, “Can things actually get worse?”  I don’t have the answer because like everyone else, I simply don’t know.

The idea that we feel drained, maybe anxious, (I do) and uninspired due to a constant battery drain, gave me an explanation to better understand what was happening and why I felt uninspired to write. I have let this current circumstance control me and consume me. So, I had to reconnect with something I’ve believed for a long time, long before Covid, control of life circumstances is a myth. Life and circumstances can change on a dime. The only control I have is how I respond, that’s it. I can’t control weather, a smooth flight, my children’s life, my end of life, where this virus will go, none of it.

Knowing that, I have two choices. Continue to be consumed and uninspired, or realize that I can control my response and begin to find ways to bring back the fire, and get back to my passion. Because when I’m doing what I love, I’m simply a better human being.

Next up, how to reignite the fire and get back to the things that feed you. How are you handling this new environment?

Until next time, stay well, stay hopeful.


2 responses to “I’m Back! Let’s Get to It!”

  1. I love this! We talk about this all the time in therapy, how we are living every day with a cloud of anxiety hanging over our heads. Control what you can control, and you nailed it, it’s ourselves.

    Congrats on lighting your fire again Nicki! Can’t wait to see what’s next

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