Making a Comeback! 3 Tips to Refocus and Re-energize!

As a follow up to my previous article, I wanted to continue the conversation about the way many of us are feeling, depleted and anxious. In this post, I wanted to share with you some of the steps that I started taking in order to get myself to a better place.

It all started with the recognition that I was “stuck” and honoring it. The truth is we all get stuck sometimes. However, this new environment likely affects us in ways we never anticipated. I certainly didn’t. I’m a compulsive optimist! How can this be happening? Some may not even realize they’re being affected, but trust me, you can’t have your life totally shift and not be affected- IMHO. For me, it started with feeling the “feels” and giving myself permission to do so. Life cannot be consistent sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, much to my disappointment!

Once I acknowledged that I was stuck, I decided to evaluate how I was spending each day. I’m lucky enough to still have a job. I typically start my mornings by opening my computer, catch up on emails, and invariably get side-tracked by the news. Ahem, back to emails. I’d have a couple of meetings, and then take a break. During my break, I’d jump on social media, check the news, eat and then get back to work.

Evaluating my daily routine, I noted where I got in to trouble, news and social media. I think we can agree that it’s distracting, and hardly a positive contributor to quality of life. I decided to give myself permission to go on a social media and news vacation. My oh my, it works wonders for your psyche. You’ll not only find more time in your day, but a lot less negativity filling your brain. I realize that social media is important for business, but if it’s being used simply as a social outlet, assess how you feel after, and consider a media vacation. Your soul will thank you!

Next up? Move. In my previous life, I owned a health and fitness business and wrote hundreds of columns and a book on the power of exercise. I’m not talking bust your butt exercise, I’m talking about simple movement. Twenty minutes to take a break from your computer or your routine just to get the bod moving! It makes a tremendous difference. Although some may say that’s not enough time, it’s a start, and makes a difference. So there you have it, move.

Finally, drink more water. This may seem silly, but water is vital to our health and well-being. When I started working at home, I decided to download an app and track my water intake. ARGH! I wasn’t getting nearly enough! I’ve always touted the benefits of water, yet I wasn’t heeding my own advice! (Note: The older we get the less we notice thirst.) Staying hydrated can make a huge difference. Since I’ve started tracking my intake, it’s noticeably increased my energy. Who’d a thought?

These are just a few things I chose to focus on to to get my soul and psyche in a better place. I had to recognize where I was, honor it, and figure out how to change it. Things started to improve when I decided to take a news and social media hiatus. I then made sure I was moving regularly, and drinking more water. There are other little things I’ve embraced, but these have been great starters for me, and perhaps they’ll help you too!

Until next time, stay well and stay hopeful!


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