Whoever Said It Was Easy?


This past week was a great week for me. As much as my clients say I help them, they don’t realize how much they help me. To start with, I was voted one of Chicago’s top 7  Personal Trainers by the Chicago Sun Times, pretty cool stuff. Not to mention I was in a group of other trainers that I have always admired, so I felt very, very honored. Second, I started working with Anthony this week and getting him going with exercise. Many people have asked me, “So how’s Anthony doing?” (If you don’t know about Anthony, here’s some background.) Anyway, here is how Anthony is doing.

Anthony and I had our first workout on Wednesday and he did an amazing job. His nutrition has been going really well and his biggest fear is sweets, he’s got a great sweet tooth. I kept reminding him that losing weight is not easy, but it’s also important to keep things in check and not stay in the “all or nothing” mindset. I reminded Anthony that every diet he has ever been on has only been about deprivation and weight loss. I want Anthony and all of my other clients to realize that yeah, there are habits you definitely need to change but if anything is to stick, you’ve got to move away from the “all or nothing” mindset. Developing a healthy lifestyle is not a black or white proposition, you’ve got to be in the center, the gray if you will.

We had a great workout, Anthony is great to work with, willing to try anything and very good with cuing changes in form. I sent him home with a few exercises to do on his own and he felt great after his workout. I think more than anything he was surprised that I didn’t yell at him and tell him to, “Drop and give me 50 push-ups.”  Nope, instead we got his body used to movement and got his muscles prepped for future work, I think he’s ready and so is his body!

Today when Anthony came in, he said he really struggled with sweets. His wife cleared out anything in the house that might trigger a splurge, so he really felt frustrated. I let him know that it’s not going to be easy. Sweets are like a drug that gets your brain to think that you can’t survive without them. Given that our diets are full of sugar (and not the obvious kind) getting rid of a lot of it is very hard. So we talked about options that he can use in an effort to get past those really tough cravings.

The truth is that changing years of habits is VERY hard, but it’s important to note that it won’t be that way forever. Think about anything that you had to learn, a language, a new sport, a new job, etc. Remember how hard it was and you thought to yourself, “Oh, I am never going to get this.” Eventually you did, you figured it out and moved forward. That’s why I tell people all the time, “Stop FIGHTING weight, rather LEARN how do work with your body.” Learning to live a healthy lifestyle is very much that way. You have to BELIEVE that you are able to make changes. You have to BELIEVE that you are worthy of making positive changes. You have to BELIEVE that what is hard today, will get easier as you learn about the myriad of choices available to you. Unfortunately, years of dieting prohibits finding your own personal route to a healthier body.

When seeking to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle, PLEASE be patient with yourself and find a solid source of support. Anthony knows that he has no choice  about changing his eating habits and activity level,  he must change his lifestyle and his body if he is to move into the future with endless positive possibilities.

What is your motivation to change? Do you have a solid source of support? I invite you to join me and Anthony as we forge ahead in to a new world that offers endless opportunities and a healthy lifestyle that will eventually become the norm. Here’s to Fit Anthony!

Here’s to your healthy life and endless opportunities!

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  1. Anthony Marzullo says:

    I keep on saying i don’t know what it is but day by day minute by minute, things seem to make more and more sense on my road to a healthy living. My major problem is my sweet tooth, my jaw is killing me from chewing gum all day today, thought I change my approach on ignoring my sweet craving. See this is what this is about is “Change”. I am learning many new things, such as what the labels really mean, the nutrition factors, my sugar intake and what I am putting in my mouth. As well as moving more to burn off the what I ate, you taught me so many simple exercises to do in my own living room and throughout the house. Exercise is a step closer to becoming a great friend, I realize that cause I didn’t know how to exercise the proper way is why i gave up so easily before. Don’t get me wrong temptation is still there, but the awareness of how I became the “Fat Tony” motivates me to become even more of the “Fit Tony”!!! Thanks Nicki

  2. Susan says:

    As someone who started on this road back in October, and who also has a tremendous sweet tooth (after growing up with a mom who served dessert after dinner every night), I can attest that it does get easier. My sweet tooth has diminished considerably. I am no longer craving that dessert after dinner.

    I do allow myself one dessert on the weekends. And I plan for it so I know what it is I really want. I also share it with my husband, so I am only eating half of it. I am finding that I am eating less and less of it and he is getting more, We are probably more at a 2/5 and 3/5 stage.

    One of the tricks that has seemed to help is having a lot of fruit on hand so if I do have a sweet craving I satisfy it in a much healthier way.

    Sometimes we all just need to wait for the right motivation to come along for us to accomplish these things. For me it was the thought of going on some sort of daily meds for blood pressure or cholesterol. I do not want to do that if I can do the same things through a proper diet and exercise.

    It’s not easy. It’s hard work. Just know that you have someone else rooting you on in this journey!

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