Wanting Change is One Thing, Making it is Another.

I was inspired a couple of weeks ago when interviewed by a friend of mine, author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. During our conversation, she asked what I look for in a friend. Without hesitation I said, “Kindness.” It may sound trite, but I am a big believer in the power of kindness. I think Gandhi got it right when he suggested that change must start within. For me, the nagging question is, can simply being kind start the change we need to see? Maybe.

I often worry about the endless things around the globe that need fixing. Things that need attention, love, outreach, solutions, change. Sadly, it’s so complicated. Just being kind hardly scratches the surface of world problems. But, maybe, just maybe it can start locally and spread. I wonder if the kindness I offer today will impact tomorrow? Perhaps a domino effect. Who knows?

In my previous post, I wrote about what I’ve learned during this pandemic, one being connectedness. I believe we are all connected. I believe that my thoughts, emotions and reactions, (given that’s all I can control) can have an impact, positive or negative, on others. I thought about the damage one unkind statement can do given the energy it spreads. This led me to contemplate the power and energy of one kind statement.

I believe that our everyday behavior, actions as well as words, is what will build a more or less supportive community, and ultimately world. We have all seen what negativity has done locally and nationally. Imagine for just a moment (perhaps a bit pollyannaish of me), if we choose to think about our connectedness and the positive power we can have with kind words? Perhaps if we begin by connecting more positively with ourselves, it would bring about healthier conversations, reactions, relationships, with others. There’s so much we can’t control right now, but kindness? Now there’s something we can control, and it just might be the change we need in this crazy world.

Until next time, be kind, stay hopeful.


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