Nicki Anderson

Dr. Oz Challenge Continues!

By Nicki On May 30, 2010 Under Diets, Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz You on a Diet, Exercise, Exercise Barriers, fast and easy weight loss, Fox News Chicago Weight Loss Challenge, Motivation, Nutrition, obesity, unhealthy dieting, weight loss

If you look at the most common reason people fall away from weight loss efforts, it’s motivation. The excitement and enthusiasm felt when starting a weight loss plan is like the first day of school, the possibilities are endless and everything is new and fresh. But into the third or fourth week, the newness wears off and the reality of hard work sets in, no so fun anymore. But unlike weight loss programs, school is a must (well, I’d like to think it is) and the motivation to stick with it is far greater. But with weight loss, if you quit, you quit. You walk away quietly and no one knows, except of course you, and very often that doesn’t feel very good.

Last week, the Fox Chicago News Dr. Oz group came to my studio in hopes of finding that lost motivation. I wrote a column about it last week. Losing motivation is not uncommon, and getting it back is always a challenge. Just remember, realistic expectations combined with a realistic exercise and nutrition program is the best way to stay on track and realize a healthier you!

Here’s to your health!