Oprah’s Next Talk Show Host?

Back in 2000 with Oprah. Hmm, shorter hair for both of us!

Back in 2000 with Oprah. Hmm, shorter hair for both of us!

For years I have done my best to inspire others to believe that they can do anything they desire to do. Desire being the operative word here. For years I  have encouraged those who thought whatever goal they wished for, could be done if they’re willing to take the chance, take the risk and see it through. For me, part of my passion is not only encouraging others to believe and achieve their goals, but to continue reaching for more beyond the initial goal.  The joy of  life is realizing that despite what you may believe or what others may have told you, there are no limits. Life is full of opportunities and there are those who will risk taking the steps to achieve those opportunities while others will play it “safe.”

I don’t believe that success is discriminatory, on the contrary, success is an equal opportunity endeavor. No matter what you dream, no matter what you wish for, if you desire it and believe that the steps necessary to acquire it are worth taking, the sky is the limit.

With that in mind, know that opportunities abound, no matter where you are in your life or what you think you can achieve.

Last week, one of my trainers, Mary, said to me, “Hey Nicki, have you heard about Oprah’s new talk show? She’s looking for a new host. I think you’d be perfect for it.”  I smiled and thought to myself, “Yeah, well, that’s nice but I don’t do stuff like that. If I’m meant to do something like that, it will manifest itself in another way, not through some online pitch.” A few days later Mary asked if I had pursued the audition, I said, “No.”  She said again, “Nicki, you’re a natural for it, you’d be great.”  Again, I felt that it just wasn’t something I could do and I felt that there would be so many others auditioning, what would be the point?

Then I started thinking about all the people I’ve worked with or currently worth with. Every day I inspire them to take risks, do things that they thought they couldn’t do. And for all that I do to inspire others, perhaps it was time to inspire myself. So, I decided to do it. Like I tell my clients, “What’s the risk if you’ve got nothing to lose?”  So in order to walk my walk, and talk my talk, I decided to toss my hat in to the ring and audition for talk show host. After all, what do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. What do I have to gain, absolutely everything. I figure even if I don’t get picked, the experience and the support from those that vote is affirmation that what I’m doing currently, is what sustains me and keeps me fulfilled. Anything above and beyond is icing on the cake.

So, I’m turning tables and asking for your help. I’m asking for your vote on Oprah’s “Own”. Check it out, who knows? Maybe you’ll want to send something in. But for now, I thank you in advance for your vote and know that it’s so appreciated.

Every day is an adventure! Thanks for sharing in mine!

In health,


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