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The Reality of Aging

By Nicki On July 3, 2010 Under Exercise, healthy eating, Motivation, Nutrition, Uncategorized
Yes, I really went to see Cher. It was a vacation!

Yes, I really went to see Cher. It was a vacation!

This past week I joined my hubby for his conference in Vegas. Vegas, not one of my favorite spots, mainly because you’re either sweltering in the “blow dryer” air or freezing with the blasting air conditioning in the smoke filled casinos. But hey, it’s time away and you can’t scoff at that no matter where you’re going.

Whenever my clients tell me they’re going on vacation, I always remind them about the opportunities that abound to be active and eat well, despite the whining telling me it’s not possible. 🙂

So when it was time for my vacation, I decided that this trip was going to be a real vacation. What is a real vacation? It’s when you go somewhere and do nothing except what you enjoy vs. a trip which is where you do what everyone else enjoys, big difference!!

At the hotel there was a Canyon Ranch Spa, HELLLOO! Eureka, I hit the mother load.  There’s nothing greater than being able to be somewhere that you don’t have to be in charge. I took classes I didn’t have to teach. I got to workout and didn’t have to clean up all the equipment when everyone was done. I could go right from my workout to the sauna or hot tub or igloo or experiential showers (that’s a whole other blog). I was able to eat some of wonderful, organic foods vs. the processed, crap boxed meal that some people actually called lunch.  Regardless, I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to get away and just be.

So on to my classes. After my first class I realized, “Wow, that was hard.” My second class, “Wow, that was really hard.” But I’m a fitness professional, right? I can’t whine, it’s unacceptable to whine. But by class three, I was whining. Why? Because my legs hurt so bad I was shuffling around like the Mr. Wiggins character portrayed by Tim Conway. My biceps felt like a blister ready to pop and my pride, almost beyond repair. I’m supposed to be fit, right?  But then I remembered what I tell my clients. “Don’t try to prove something. Just workout at a pace that’s smart and appropriate for you. Otherwise, you’re going to be sorry.” Yep, I was sorry for trying to prove that 49 can still do what an 18 year old can do. I was in a class with many that could be my children and I felt  it was my professional duty to keep up and prove what the “old lady” could do. Stupid move.

Here it is Saturday, and Wednesday was my last class before heading home. I’m still poppin’ ibuprofen for pain, still wondering what I was thinking and taking yet another day off of working out. Bottom line, the body changes and can’t always do what it used to. Now don’t misunderstand, I’ve never look for an excuse to take it easy, not in  my DNA, but what I did was just stupid. High intensity classes back to back in addition to doing cardio stuff following (Why? Because I could!) and well, I over did it. And now I’m paying for it. Isn’t it funny, that wisdom seems to come through gracefully except when there’s competition. Suddenly those competitive juices start flowing and all the wisdom goes out the door.

These aches and pains I’m experiencing humble me and remind me that no one is exempt to the aging process and the accommodations and considerations that need to be made as your body changes. Although I certainly held my own in the classes (had to throw that in), something tells me not a darn one of those kids was even phased by the workouts. Worse yet, they probably thought the class was a warm up class.

Lesson learned? Practice what I preach! Pay attention to your body, honor it’s limits but never shy away from gently pushing outside those limits. Just don’t push so far you lose sight of where you’re going and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Tomorrow, I’ll work out; after I take my ibuprofen.