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Healthy Weight Comes Down to Calories

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Pills, Pills and More Pills!

This past week a friend of mine shared with me that she has started taking diet pills, “just to help” expedite her weight loss goal. There was no question they had been working as she had already lost some weight, but the news really disappointed me. I’ve known this person for a long time and she has always believed that a healthy weight can only be achieved through regular exercise and eating well. She’s always brushed off diets and when her friends were jumping on some weight loss bandwagon, she would say, ” Don’t these people realize that the weight will come back?  I’m not doing that any more.” So what was it that caused her to suddenly abandon her solid knowledge of weight loss and start taking a diet pill?  “I’m only taking it for a few weeks,” she said.  Although she joked about it, she had noticed her patience level was compromised and  she was constantly thirsty (diuretic effect of weight loss pills) and a bit jumpy.

I asked her, “So what is the big difference? What is it about the pills that makes more sense than eating right regularly?”  She said,”Well, I’m eating less because I’m not as hungry.”  Ahhh, she’s eating less. Exactly. So basically, she needs something to force her to eat less. I said to her,”You can do this diet pill thing, but you realize that when you go off of it, it’s like losing a crutch. First of all the withdrawal probably won’t be fun and you’ll be back to what you were doing before. Use this as a learning experience. See how much food you’re cutting out, how many calories and write it down. LEARN from this that in truth, the ONLY secret to weight loss is cutting calories but ultimately, you’re going to have to do it naturally, without the aid of diet pills.”

I’m hopeful that she will realize that her weight loss is the result of  simply cutting calories, there is no “magic” in the pill other than suppressing her appetite. I guess you could call that magic. But the side-effects are hardly worth it and the long-term results, not there. It comes down to what we know but don’t really like to hear, it’s making the decision to make changes that are controlled naturally, not by a drug, not by a pill or “diet” but by making the conscious choice to change. Spend time to find out what triggers eating too much and change it. Find out why you tend to overeat, then address it and change it. The only way that someone will experience long-term change is through long-term desire, period.  It’s like taking illegal drugs to escape from it all, at some point you have to be responsible for your own happiness and fulfillment. Ultimately, it is you that is in charge of  making things happen and reaching the goals you set. I hope she figures that out sooner rather than later.

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September 1, 2010

Yikes! I agree. Diet pills are not the answer.

I find boredom is more the issue for me with overeating. I have battled that more this summer now that my son is home after graduating from college. He and I are sharing a car for now. (He can’t afford his own yet on his pay working with the kids programs at Rush Copley Healthplex and our schedules do allow for this.) That means there are days when I am at home with no car to get me anywhere. I find myself getting the munchies more as a result, and it really is out of sheer boredom! (The days I have the car and am out running around to volunteer or help my parents, I don’t get the munchies at all, so I am sure boredom is the issue!)

My solutions for now?
Drink a glass of water first when the munchies hit.
Keep healthy things that are all prepared in the house to snack on so that my choices for munchies are more nutritionally sound and filling (fruit, veggies, hummus.) It’s much better than grabbing chips or cookies.
Go for a quick walk around the block or jump on my bike and go around the park. (this in addition to the morning workout.)
Do a crossword puzzle.
Grab a book to read (I can go for hours without eating if I am lost in a book.)

As you said… you have to make a conscious choice to change. For me it was to realize WHY I was getting munchies and then coming up with ways to deal with them. I started getting healthy back in October as a way to stay off of medications for blood pressure and cholesterol that my doctor wanted to put me on. Why on earth would I put a diet pill in my mouth if I am trying to avoid meds?

Becky W

September 3, 2010

I agree. Diet pills aside, you need to make changes in your life that are sustainable. I lost a lot of weight with just eating right and exercise, but people were always disappointed when I told them I wasn’t on any fad diet or taking any magic pill. If they aren’t changes you can keep, then how can you expect the results to stick around?


September 5, 2010

Sue, you’ve been a great source of inspiration. I’ve appreciated your comments coming from someone who finally “got it” and I enjoy reading your posts and I’m sure others learn from them as well. Thank you for taking time to post your journey.

Becky, sage advice, thank you for sharing!