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Dr. Oz – Just 10 lbs.

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Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz

This past week, I once again has the pleasure of  meeting with Dr. Oz and the Fox Chicago “Ozzer’s.”  Dr. Oz wanted to talk to the Chicago group about their weight loss challenges and successes since starting his weight loss challenge in January.  Dr. Oz offered everyone an opportunity to ask questions. Many of the questions were poignant and probably ones you might have wanted to ask as well. “How do I stay motivated when my family isn’t behind me?” ” I am 46 years old and exercise regularly, yet I still find myself gaining weight?” “I’ve only lost 35 pounds in a year, and I’m frustrated, it should be coming off faster.”  Dr. Oz, in his kind way, responded to these questions as I had hoped, with practical, insightful and reasonable responses.

Dr. Oz, like me, believes that weight loss and finding a healthy weight is different for everyone. In other words, not everyone is meant to be 5’8″ tall and 130  pounds, not the way we were designed. He believes that any amount of weight loss triggers positive changes in the body and results in improved health. Dr. Oz also noted that anything extreme or crazy is always going to be temporary and his goal, like me, is for people to find a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

There is so much misinformation about weight loss. So often, clients come in for the first time with their head spinning. With the profile that Dr. Oz has, it’s so nice to see that he is spreading the word that small changes can add up to better health. I’ve been touting that for years and finally, I have a respected voice that echoes that same sentiment.

So what can losing simply 10 pounds do for you?

Well, Dr. Oz stresses that even losing 10 pounds can make a huge difference in your health.

“The benefits of losing just 10 pounds are enormous for your heart, liver, knees, pancreas and blood pressure. The incidence of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis can be cut in half,” said Dr. Oz.

So there you have it, just 10 pounds can make a positive difference in your health and quality of life. If you’re local, hopefully you can join me either on October 13th or October 20th at 7:00 p.m. as I share my thoughts and insight into why weight loss alludes us and how you can begin and sustain a healthy, manageable weight and why just 10  pounds can be the start to a longer, healthier life!

Here’s to your healthy living success!


BTW, it’s not too late to join the Fox Chicago “Oz” group.