Nicki Anderson

Change Your Mind About Weight Loss

By Nicki On October 24, 2010 Under Diets, Extreme Weight Loss, family obesity, fast and easy weight loss, healthy eating, Motivation, Nutrition, obesity, overeating, Uncategorized, unhealthy dieting, weight loss


After 20 years in this industry the one constant is people who want to lose weight want to lose it NOW! No matter how often I may remind people that fast and easy is never a solution to long-term weight loss, somehow it doesn’t matter. It seems that the more shows depict weight loss as nothing more than a beginning and an end, it makes it tough for people to understand that in order to be successful, changes need to be constant, forever.

Why do diets fail? Because diets have a beginning and an end. Think about books, dates, television shows, movies, parties, etc. There is a beginning and there is an end, once it’s over, it’s over, done, kaput. This is what’s happens with weight loss, people jump on a diet to lose weight, they may or may not be successful but  once they’ve reached the point of either success or frustration, it’s over, done, kaput. Diet’s fail because there is no sustainability, there is no education, there is no practical long-term strategies, instead the mind says, “I want to lose weight, I’ll stop eating until the weight is gone.” Bad idea.

I’ve recently implemented a new 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge at my studio. Why? Because I figure if people are going to be jumping in and out of diets, I’d rather have the privilege of helping them get started, while teaching the strategies for a lifetime of healthy habits. There have been some people that believe that the only way you can lose weight and keep it off is to get rid of EVERYTHING that tastes good; there is no truth in that. After almost 30 years of successful weight loss, I still “treat” myself to things that I like but know it would not be good if I ate them every day.  I don’t punish  myself when I have an ice cream cone, I eat it and move on.

I tell clients to start their challenge by thinking about food as “fuel” vs. calories. In other words, people will often be on a calorie restricted diet and want to stay under 1200 calories, so they don’t always choose healthy foods, or foods that will allow their body to run optimally, it’s more about staying within their chosen calorie count. How about choosing a food not based on calories, rather the health benefits?  You see, I don’t eat french fries, but it’s not because I’m afraid I’ll gain weight, I don’t eat them because they’re nasty.  Why would I want to put something in to my body that I know is low in nutritional benefits and potentially harmful to my health? Take smoking. Why don’t I smoke? Because it’s bad for me. The same goes with eating unhealthy foods consistently, why?

I’m a believer in balance and being realistic when changing your lifestyle, but television and the  media have placed such an emphasis on size that health rarely enters the weight loss equation. In my 6-week weight loss challenge, I encourage my clients to think about their health, to think about the benefits of choosing more healthful foods and moving their body more. I encourage them to stop thinking about weight loss the whole time and instead, focus on the healthy habits they can  begin to change. The truth is that slow and steady still applies to long-term weight loss success, it’s just a matter of getting those that have been brainwashed with bad diets to buy into the slow and steady belief system.  Unfortunately, the mind has been tricked in to believing weight loss at any cost is good.  Maybe it’s time to start changing your mind and believe that weight loss will never be successful if it’s not realistic.

Why not start today thinking about what small steps you can begin to make to change your life and your health? Weight loss isn’t a contest, it’s an opportunity to reclaim your health and engage more fully in your life. I can’t think of a better reason to change your mind about weight loss.

Here’s to your health!