Jump Start Programs Prey on Desperation.

I was really bummed this past weekend when I received an email from a magazine that I have respected for many years. This particular magazine has a nice reputation for giving it’s readers some pretty solid information. In fact, I’ve recommended this magazine to many of my clients. However, I may rethink that after receiving this email from this company touting a book they’re publishing in which it tells me that I could lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Check out the “teaser” ad.

I’m writing to you today to invite you to “test-pilot” a stunning new weight loss program that can help you lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks.The name of the program is 2-WEEK TOTAL BODY TURNAROUND.The results I have seen with women who have already tested the program are AMAZING:Flabby stomachs get flat. Saggy bottoms are lifted. Jiggly arms are firmed up. Excess pounds melt away.After JUST 1 WEEK, Diane’s pants were literally hanging off:“There was less fat on my butt and thighs, so the hem of my favorite slacks was dragging on the floor!”

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