Want to Lose Weight? Here’s the Real Secret…

Hudson after her successful weight loss

This morning while I was doing my run on my treadmill (-5 makes outside running no fun for me), I was channel checking and came across the Oprah show. She had Jennifer Hudson on her show so I stayed glued as I listened to her weight loss story.  Jennifer shared how she’s lost her weight and even included some family members that have experienced their own weight loss success.  Jennifer has found success with Weight Watchers, but beyond that Jennifer has found success through a strong support network and most important she is making her exercise FUN! It was a great show because it discussed the natural challenges that come with weight loss as well as the importance of taking it slow, believing you can change and having a strong support system.

So last night, I was thrilled when I hosted my monthly 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge and had a guest speaker, Diane Mayr who is one of our clients that has been through the challenge. She told her story to the group of people coming to learn more about our 6-Week program.  When Diane started sharing her story, going back to before she started with the challenge, I was blown away. Even though I’ve been working with Diane since October, hearing her story, reminded me once again of her transformation. I must admit, that our 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge has been an amazing success, but when you hear individual stories, you’re reminded why HEALTHY weight loss is the only way to go.

Diane sharing her 30 pound weight loss success story

Diane shared that to date, (it’s been 16 weeks) she has lost a total of 30 pounds. When she came to me she was using a cane to walk because her knees were so bad. She said, “I can skip up a flight of stairs now.” She shared how she has learned to LIVE healthy not diet. Her husband joined her and shared what he has witnessed with Diane and how proud he is of her. She chalks up having support and journaling as key ingredients to long term success, much like Hudson has.  But above and beyond Diane’s moving story, the 2 things that she pointed out that really are key with any program, “You have to be ready. You cannot change if you’re not ready. You can do anything for 3 or 4 weeks like I did and lose a little bit of weight, but if you want REAL change, you have to be willing to make some hard decisions.  As for my exercise, Nicki gives me new things to do all the time, so I haven’t gotten bored  like I did with other programs. When boredom sets in, I quit.”

At the end of the day, whatever route to take to discover the healthiest you, you must be ready to make changes. You must take the path that makes the most sense for you and one that you know you’ll continue. With Jennifer Hudson’s program and Diane’s program, they both found a solid support system, they were ready to change and they made exercise fun.

There really isn’t a miracle “diet” out there, it’s just the willingness to change and the determination and committment to be your best.  Are you ready for change?

Congratulations Diane, we at Reality fitness are SO proud of you. By the way, I will be sharing other success stories from our clients. So far our program has helped our clients lose over 130 pounds (the numbers keep going up and the success stories keep coming. How exciting is that?)

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  2. I began the challenge in the end of January. I came to orientation in December but Nicki said it’s hard to start over the holidays so wait – but, I knew I was ready as I made better food choices over the holidays. In January I met my trainer Catherine – what a blessing! She has been a huge motivator and in spite of my many health challenges (arthritic knees, bad back, heart issues) she works with me and helps me learn how to move. I have lost 19 pounds in my 11 weeks – even with a week of spring break! I notice that I feel better, don’t NEED my afternoon nap, and I crave healthier food choices. I still have a long way to go and I think I’ll get there. I thought I would quit working with a trainer after the 6 weeks, but, Catherine is too much of a help to give up now. I have struggled with weight my entire life but am determined to get and stay healthy for this second half of my life.

    • Kathy,

      Good for you! You set your mind on a goal and you’re seeing it through. So proud of your progress!

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