Motivation Goes Along Way to Improving Motivation

So, why aren’t you sticking with your exercise program? Why aren’t you sticking with your nutrition program? I can tell you, lack of motivation. Do you know why I know? Because for years I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to get organized, that I’m going to get focused and well, for a couple of days, maybe even a week, I do it. But then motivation starts waning, and well, life gets in the way and I’m back to doing what I was doing before. Sound familiar?

I’ve been preaching for years the importance of recognizing a red flag and how to change it to get healthy. I’ve been motivating my clients for years, I forgot that sometimes I forget to do the same for myself, not good.

This past weekend, I had an amazing opportunity to attend an event called, Continuity Summit. An old friend of mine, Ryan Lee is brilliant at online marketing and well, I thought I could learn some things. The truth is that I learned so much, my brain is still aching from knowledge overload!

Isn’t it so great when you can go somewhere and be reminded of your potential? Isn’t it great when you get that fired up feeling of, “This time I’m going to do it! This time is it, I’m ready!” Rather than allowing that motivation to fizzle out, I’m going to keep it going for all of us! Therefore, I decided rather than writing my long dissertations about stupid, useless diets, (even though I think they’re stupid and useless) what you need, I need is motivation! So I am going to be your Motivational Movement Mentor, motivating you to move closer to your health and fitness goals!

Following are some motivational quotes that I gleaned from the conference this weekend. The information that I received fired me up and set me on track to get organized to achieve the goals I’ve set forth for myself. I believe that the techniques I have learned apply to weight loss and healthy living as well. Hence, I’m going to share my insight, thoughts and motivation with you. So let’s do it together. You get healthy, I’ll get organized and achieve my business goals while you achieve your health and fitness goals, deal? Each blog I’ll ask you to set a goal and provide some motivation to make it happen.
Goal for this week: Lay out one thing per day that you’re going to change to be more healthy than you were the previous day, it can be simple. Share your progress with me and I will in turn do the same. I have already set my goals for the week, now it’s your turn. 🙂
Here are some of the many quotes I received this week, so read them share them, believe them and implement them. I believe in your success, you just need a little motivation and here you go!

Mark Victor Hansen said, “Writing helps you know YOU! It crystallizes your thinking.” So maybe you simply need to write down your intentions and how you plan on bringing them to fruition. Also, do journaling, it’s life changing!

Cythia Kersey shared,” You have to BELIEVE you can change in order to make change happen.” Do you believe you can change?

Christopher Guerriero emphasizes,” Get rid of these 3 words, Wait, Watch and Wish.”

These quotes from the conference I attended are just a “taste” of what I’m going to offer you at least once a week. So let’s make some amazing changes together. I want to hear from you, and how you’re doing. As for me, I’ll be posting my progress. Accountability and motivation are two keys to success. Are you ready? Let’s change!

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