Confusing Thin With Healthy

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  1. Mary Schoepe says:

    Hey Nicki,

    Liked your article on the whole Kirstie Alley thing. Finding the “reason why” to lose weight is important, but individuality in nutrition is even more important. If clients aren’t taught to listen to their bodies and give it what it needs, they will never achieve the optimal health and fitness they are looking for. The answers they seek are all within themselves, it’s just that many fit pro’s aren’t educating their clients. I educate my clients on individuality using the metabolic typing system. It may take people a year to heal theie metabolism, but once they do, they will be on the road to optimal health.

    I am finding that clients are willing to take the journey no matter how long it takes because they are sick of the quick fix. Too bad somone get on Oprah and talk about that.

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