410 Pound Weight Loss- Now That’s Inspiration!!

The media has been all a quiver with the story about 650 pound hermit, David Smith, 32 who recently lost 410 pounds with the help of his live-in personal trainer, Chris Powell. Aside from the luxury of having a personal trainer with him 24/7, David lost weight without pills, without diets, without surgery (other than corrective surgery for excess tissue).

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  1. Khrystel says:

    hello Nicky,

    I too saw that episode and am re-motivated to continue my weght loss! I have lost 35 pounds since January, and am in the process of trying to lose 20 more. I dream of my pre-baby hot body! My daughter is now 2 and I am a full-time student as well, so it is easy to make excuses, but it really is about a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Thank you so much for writing about it, I hope others are motivated to change for the better too!

  2. Erin Huggins says:

    Way to go! Keep up the hard work. Cheers, Erin

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