Time Article Missing a Few Points

I love my clients. They are great about bringing articles to me about weight loss, exercise, etc. that I may have missed. This past week, a client brought in Time Magazine. There was an interesting article written by John Cloud, Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin. While there were many interesting points, as a fitness professional, I thought there were some points missing that I wanted to comment on.

The gist of the article is that perhaps exercise for weight loss is overrated. According to Cloud, gym memberships may be a waste of money and trainers often put members through unnecessary workouts. There is also some science that backs up the desire for higher calorie foods post workout thus increasing caloric intake and making exercise questionable as a sound weight loss method.


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  1. a. b. says:

    right on. eating less helps you lose weight. but you’re not going to be very healthy if you don’t exercise!!!!!

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