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By Nicki On February 19, 2010 22 Comments

Thirty years ago, I was an obese teen.  I was never an athlete, I despised exercise, and loved to eat- a lethal combination.  Once I had my driver’s license I spent most of my time hitting drive-thrus, and watching bad T.V.

It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I was hit upside the head hard enough to realize something needed to give.  I was involved in a musical at school and saw a picture of myself taken for promotional reasons. I didn’t recognize the girl in the photo. She was twice my size and looked much older. It was at that moment I knew my life had to change. 

My Grandmother and a heavier me.

It took me over a year, but I lost 50 pounds and never looked back.  I did it the old fashioned way, ate less and moved more. 

Fast forward. I got married, had 4 children, became a  freelance writer and stay-at-home Mom.  Every time I would get together with young Mom’s, they would all talk about the crazy strategies they were using to lose weight. I decided to go back to school.  I became a personal trainer in hopes of helping clients get healthy in a way that would empower them, not reduce them to years of yo-yo dieting and low self-esteem.

In 1992, I started an in-home personal training business, and after 8 years I decided to open up a personal training studio.  I took the focus off of weight loss, and instead encouraged clients to apply healthy habits that would eventually lead them to a healthy weight.

After almost 20 years of business ownership,  I decided it was time to move on. In May of 2012, I sold  my business and prepared myself for the next phase in life. I’m a big believer that if your heart isn’t in your work, your work will never succeed. After 20 years, I felt as though I had done all I could do, and wanted to spend my time differently.

While a business owner, I was  featured in national media outlets, including print and television. I also appeared on television and radio while contributing to hundreds of magazines both as an expert and/or author. Some include Shape, Prevention, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Running, Health and Real Simple. I also authored Reality Fitness- Inspiration for Your Health and Well-being, and Nicki Anderson’s Single Step Weight Loss Solution. In both books, I share solid, honest information on what it takes to be your healthiest. No fad dieting, no crazy exercises, simply the facts.

I have also written a couple of books for fitness professionals, 8 Steps to Create a Successful Personal Training Business, and 101 Tips to Motivate Your Clients and Increase Retention. The last 20 years have been amazing. I have met incredible people, been able to travel and lecture all over the world, and learn about the struggles, trials and successes of those seeking to develop and maintain a healthier life. At the end of the day, that’s always been my mission, to educate and motivate people to be their best.


Lecturing in Cape Town, South Africa

Interviewing Dr. Oz for Fox News Chicago


Meeting Dr. Weil in Naperville


Me and Mario Lopez at the IDEA Fitness Conference in 2010.

Making the Connection with Oprah in 1998.

After years in the fitness industry I have decided to move on and work with what I’m most passionate about, helping other people realize their potential and experience success.

It’s never too late to realize YOUR potential and seek out your destiny. It’s all within us, it’s just a matter of tapping in to it and putting it to work for you.





My first speech as NACC President/CEO

 Here’s to never wishing for more time, rather making the most of it!

Nicki Anderson