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I know I’ve probably mentioned in my previous posts, but here it is again, if I wasn’t a personal trainer, I’d be a chef. There is nothing that brings me greater joy (next to motherhood and training of course!) than creating a meal for family and friends. I believe that creating an amazing meal for […]
A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that I was going through a transitional phase with my business. For me, I felt the transition process brought about fear and trepidation, after all, change is never easy. I wrote about the importance of accountability and being able to stay motivated and on task. I […]
This past week I had a consultation with a woman who has battled weight her whole life. After talking to me she said she’d sign up right away except she needs to talk to her husband. After she spoke to her husband, he wanted to meet with me and hear what I had to say […]
This past week my Dad was in town visiting as I had 2 graduates, one from high school and one from college. My Dad is 74 years old and has always gotten around pretty well, he’s not a complainer so even if he did struggle, we’d never know. In my house, I have a lot […]
So, why aren’t you sticking with your exercise program? Why aren’t you sticking with your nutrition program? I can tell you, lack of motivation. Do you know why I know? Because for years I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to get organized, that I’m going to get focused and well, for a couple of […]
I can hardly stand it, yet another celebrity on national television sharing her weight crisis. You’ve probably heard by now, Kirstie Alley, actress, past Jenny Craig spokesperson, has found the weight she lost with Jenny Craig. Not only has she gained the weight back, she admits to staying away from exercise for over a year. […]
Intuitive eating means listening closely to what your body needs and honoring that. -Nicki It’s been almost 30 years since I made the switch from a sedentary, “fast-foodaholic” lifestyle to a relatively active lifestyle. I base my success on the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I am active and eat well while 20% of […]
This past week I was working with a client that has been with me for awhile. She works very hard when she’s with me, but once she’s on her own, suddenly all the good intentions and goals she sets for the week take a back seat to her busy life. There are commonly two reasons […]
I was really bummed this past weekend when I received an email from a magazine that I have respected for many years. This particular magazine has a nice reputation for giving it’s readers some pretty solid information. In fact, I’ve recommended this magazine to many of my clients. However, I may rethink that after receiving […]