Our most valuable life lessons are the result of our most trying experiences.

I’m into day 3 of my South African Trip and still adjusting to the time zone. I probably need to stop comparing SA time to the time back home, but there is a part of me that is intrigued with the time difference. As I write this, everyone back home is fast asleep. The past […]
I sent out on my journey on the 29th of August with no expectations, simply an open mind and loads of excitment and anticipation. The thought of an 20 hour flight I put aside, no sense in thinking about something you can’t control. Further, what is 18 hours when heading to someplace as fantastic as […]
We may all be created equal, but how we are put together, physically, emotionally, mentally is unique and we should discover how to work with our unique traits versus against them. – Nicki
Why exercise if you don’t have to lose weight? Why? Because you have to live and why wouldn’t you want to live a long, healthy life? – Nicki Last week I was talking to a group of women and of course the topic of discussion was weight loss. Eventually, the discussion made it’s way to […]
This past week I am very proud to share that I was awarded IDEA Personal Trainer of Year! IDEA Health and Fitness has over 23,000 members in 80 countries and serves as one of the foremost organizations for continuing education for health and fitness professionals. I started in the industry many, many years ago and […]
When it comes successful weight loss, the message has always been the same, “Eat right, move more.” But sometimes it’s not what is said, it’s how it’s said. When people are ready to change, they will hear the message that inspires them to change. Nicki Over the years I find that the questions people ask […]
I read it and I couldn’t believe it. I read it again, thinking for sure this is just another attempt by the media to harass Oprah Winfrey about her weight. But the deeper I dug, the more I had to say to myself, “Say it ain’t true!” But alas, Oprah is going on a diet………again. […]
I’m on a number of mailing lists for business newsletters. Each week I receive business tips or strategies that I find can be applied to healthy living/ weight loss strategies. Some examples include: When looking to start a business (healthy lifestyle) you should put together a business plan, a blueprint. Same with lifestyle, lay it […]
This past week I had an opportunity to speak with a group of women about health and wellness and healthy living. After 45 minutes of lecture, the questions started flying and well, they are the same questions that I am asked all the time,