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O.K. ladies let’s talk hair stories, (men feel free to chime in). I want to talk about 3 things that many of us have or will experience, but never talk about. First, eyebrow color change. Second, hairline cover ups. Third, hair styles, the good, the bad and the ugly. In the eyebrow department, I’m good. […]
I had my first appointment with my stylist, Terri today for my going gray journey. I learned a lot. For starters, just because you decide to go gray does not mean you’ll miss one color appointment and boom, you’re gray. Terri said, “We all have varying levels of gray, but for most of us, it […]
Have you ever purchased a car that you thought was unique both in style and color, only to find out that your choice wasn’t so original? Suddenly every third car is the same  model and color as yours. Hmmm. Well, I’m having the same experience with women and gray hair. In the past couple of […]
  So, who would have thought that gray is the new black? It seems to be among the young Hollywood crowd. If Pink can sport it, why can’t I? Seriously, how cute is this? I know, I know it’s Pink and she’s 20 years younger, and a rock star.  But  still, it seems Hollywood is […]
Questions I have about changing my hair color: 1. Walking by a group of guys, gals and thinking, “Brunettes, blondes, redheads gets the looks. Gray heads- not so  much.” 2. I will never, ever, ever be carded again except maybe to prove my AARP card is legit. 3. Will my current wardrobe go with my […]
Wow, wow, wow. Since posting my initial going gray journey, it’s been fascinating to read the responses both on Facebook and my blog. Some are shocked that I would even consider this, others would like to try it, but vanity prevents it. There are also a few that have never colored their hair, ever. In […]