Category: New Years Resolutions

This week has been an exciting one. A new President takes the reigns and with that comes the responsibility that no average person would want to take on. However, anticipation and a positive mindset sets the course for all things possible. As President Obama said throughout his campaign, “Yes we can,” we can only hope […]
Since I entered the fitness field close to 30 years ago, I have always believe that diet’s do more damage than good. Further, a “healthy” weight is simply the result of lifestyle changes that make sense. In the last couple of posts, I’ve talked about the “Oprah Phenomenon” which is basically society’s obsession with weight […]
I can’t believe it, Oprah is talking weight loss and diet again. Oprah is on T.V. telling the world she has to lose 40 pounds and get back to her “tummy showing” size. Huh? Wha? Did she really say, “Tummy showing size?” Well, yes and no. I was watching the T.V. Show, “Extra” in which […]
Since December 30th I have received hundreds of letters from my weekly Happy Monday readers asking, “How can I possibly drop this extra weight once and for all? What diets do you suggest? What’s the quickest way to drop weight? What do you think about fasting?” And the questions go on and on. Clearly they […]
It’s January 1st and in the next 24 hours gyms will be packed, treadmills will be running non-stop and exercise classes will be filled to capacity. January 2nd, the day of redemption, the day that all indiscretions will be absolved simply by signing on the dotted line at the health club of choice. Every year […]