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After working with clients for close to 20 years and keeping 50 pounds off for more than 30 years, I am all too familiar with the challenges weight loss efforts bring.  I feel confident in saying that much of the weight issues in our country stem from two very basic things, poor nutrition and little […]
This morning while I was doing my run on my treadmill (-5 makes outside running no fun for me), I was channel checking and came across the Oprah show. She had Jennifer Hudson on her show so I stayed glued as I listened to her weight loss story.  Jennifer shared how she’s lost her weight […]
Since I lost my weight close to 30 years ago, I find that the biggest culprit of successful, long-term weight loss for people is unrealistic expectations. People see magazine covers or television shows, or award shows and assume that the way the models and stars of Hollywood look is the way they should look. It’s […]
"Processed foods have dominated our daily intake and most people are getting their vegetables when served on a hamburger or as a garnish. People walking down the street with drinks loaded with sugar or "pretend" sugar is a common site. It's all about quantity and rarely about quality."
I was never in my kids face about exercise and nutrition. Sure, they make fun of me to this day about how boring our house was with the snack choices, but I simply tried to lead by example and show my kids rather than telling them. There is something very special about knowing that the example you've set for years, may have actually rubbed off.
There is no doubt that there is a prejudice against women, men and children of size.  I can speak from experience as prior to losing my weight, I was treated differently by men, friends and perfect strangers. Yes, I remember buying donuts and a local donut shop and having people look at me thinking, “Like […]
This past week, I once again has the pleasure of  meeting with Dr. Oz and the Fox Chicago “Ozzer’s.”  Dr. Oz wanted to talk to the Chicago group about their weight loss challenges and successes since starting his weight loss challenge in January.  Dr. Oz offered everyone an opportunity to ask questions. Many of the […]
I have a dear friend that has battled with weight most of her adult life. Whether it’s you or someone close to you, there is no greater pain that having someone you care about struggle with something, be it weight, relationships, etc. The other day we went out for lunch and she told me about […]
For the past 20 years, I have worked to inspire others to start and maintain a dedication to healthy living. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s a passion of mine that makes what I do very rewarding. Since I started in this business,  much has changed. If you’re like me, you’ve probably jumped on the […]
This past week I joined my hubby for his conference in Vegas. Vegas, not one of my favorite spots, mainly because you’re either sweltering in the “blow dryer” air or freezing with the blasting air conditioning in the smoke filled casinos. But hey, it’s time away and you can’t scoff at that no matter where […]