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You can never master weight loss until you master the changes you need to make to reclaim your health.
This holiday season, don't let sugar blow your weight loss efforts.
I was recently having an email conversation with a reader.
I don’t know about you, but my hunch is that you know someone that would risk the reputation of someone else so they could make themselves look better. It has never been more apparent than on the recent
In my 25 plus years in the fitness industry, the most common comment I hear from clients that seek me out for weight loss guidance is, “Well, I did ‘such and such’ diet and that really worked for me. I lost 50 pounds.” But in truth, the diet DIDN’T work, because if it did, the […]
My youngest child recently left for college. Yes, ‘sob, sigh, sob’. However, the reality is that we raise our kids to be independent and positive contributors to society, right? So, I suppose it should be a celebratory time vs. a time of mourning. I’ll work on that. As a fitness professional I have always tried […]
I love my clients. They are great about bringing articles to me about weight loss, exercise, etc. that I may have missed. This past week, a client brought in Time Magazine. There was an interesting article written by John Cloud, Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin. While there were many interesting points, as a fitness […]
I mentioned that my daughter is heading off to college in the fall, so I’m getting plenty of mail