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The media has been all a quiver with the story about 650 pound hermit, David Smith, 32 who recently lost 410 pounds with the help of his live-in personal trainer, Chris Powell. Aside from the luxury of having a personal trainer with him 24/7, David lost weight without pills, without diets, without surgery (other than […]
Summer has finally arrived! With that, the guilt of weight loss efforts is ringing louder than ever. “Who would have thought summer would get here so fast? Surely I lose this weight by the 4th of July, right?” Wrong. A common weight loss mistake that people make when desperately trying to get rid of some […]
A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that I was going through a transitional phase with my business. For me, I felt the transition process brought about fear and trepidation, after all, change is never easy. I wrote about the importance of accountability and being able to stay motivated and on task. I […]
This past week I had a consultation with a woman who has battled weight her whole life. After talking to me she said she’d sign up right away except she needs to talk to her husband. After she spoke to her husband, he wanted to meet with me and hear what I had to say […]
This past week my Dad was in town visiting as I had 2 graduates, one from high school and one from college. My Dad is 74 years old and has always gotten around pretty well, he’s not a complainer so even if he did struggle, we’d never know. In my house, I have a lot […]
So here it is, Wednesday. How are your goals going? Did you set a goal a day for this week? Do you find that Wednesday is literally hump day in that you struggle making it to the next day with enthusiasm for your stated goals? Here’s what I have found that works. If you’re simply […]
This past week I was working with a client that has been with me for awhile. She works very hard when she’s with me, but once she’s on her own, suddenly all the good intentions and goals she sets for the week take a back seat to her busy life. There are commonly two reasons […]
I’m sure this past week you read about Valerie Bertinelli’s weight loss. If not, you were either hiding under a rock or wisely avoiding fluff news. In case you missed it, according to People magazine, Valerie has done it! She has managed to drop 50 pounds and now graces the cover of People wearing a […]
Flipping between VH-1 and the “Today Show” while getting my workout in, a segment came on the Today Show about a new weight loss “cocktail” which includes 3 different pills. This weight loss combination is in the final stages of human testing, and could win FDA approval sometime next year. ‘Sigh’ Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Medical […]