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I love my clients. They are great about bringing articles to me about weight loss, exercise, etc. that I may have missed. This past week, a client brought in Time Magazine. There was an interesting article written by John Cloud, Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin. While there were many interesting points, as a fitness […]
I mentioned that my daughter is heading off to college in the fall, so I’m getting plenty of mail
My youngest child heads off to college in just a few weeks. I’m definitely melancholy about it, but she’s not, she is so ready for college. I guess it was my job to prep her for an independent, productive life and well, she’s definitely ready. She’s ready for something new and different and an opportunity […]
Getting back in the “groove” after vacation with the family is always a challenge. One of the things I miss is my morning ritual of coffee and
The following information is from the IHRSA Wellness report. World deaths from “lifestyle” diseases will double by 2015 unless all-out efforts are taken to combat them, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned Friday. It said about 17 million people die prematurely each year as a result of the global epidemic of largely preventable chronic diseases […]
The media has been all a quiver with the story about 650 pound hermit, David Smith, 32 who recently lost 410 pounds with the help of his live-in personal trainer, Chris Powell. Aside from the luxury of having a personal trainer with him 24/7, David lost weight without pills, without diets, without surgery (other than […]
This last week I had a reunion with my best friends from high school. I hadn’t seen them in 30 years, so it was a treat. As an obese teen and now a fitness expert/author, there was plenty of conversation about “How did you get here from there?”
It seems as though Rush Limbaugh’s battle of the bulge has created some pretty imaginative scapegoating. A couple of weeks ago, Limbaugh came out and said that thanks to “exercise freaks” our health care system is stressed. He cited that those that exercise and involved in activities such as soccer, baseball, mountain bike, running, etc. […]
Summer has finally arrived! With that, the guilt of weight loss efforts is ringing louder than ever. “Who would have thought summer would get here so fast? Surely I lose this weight by the 4th of July, right?” Wrong. A common weight loss mistake that people make when desperately trying to get rid of some […]