Au Revoir 2013 ! Welcome 2014! A Look Back


2013 was less than dull,  and my hunch is 2014 will be just as full.

As I look behind to write this post, some things were dreadful, while others I loved most.

Mother Nature took her toll reminding us all  that when push comes to shove, she makes the call.

Sadly war continues in far away places, though a different kind of war lives in U.S. spaces

Hunger and homeless claim innocent lives, while soldiers keep dying despite children and wives.

Celebrities still influence in ways I don’t get, while reality television remains stations best bet.

Finally marriage is equal to all, yet plenty are opposed shouting, “It’s a bad call.”

A new Pope believes love is free and equal, and reminds us the importance to be a giving people.

Beloved athletes made their cheating known, while some celeb slurs created a nationwide groan.

Miley Cyrus made a scene with a simple foam finger and claimed to the world, “I’m a serious singer.”

There were people who passed much too young as well as others whose praises we sung.

As I look back there is plenty of  pain, but sole focus on those would leave nothing to gain.

Therefore I say, “Au revoir” to ’13 and open the door and welcome ’14

No matter the year good comes with the bad, the joy and celebrations so many we had.

As we look forward to this new date, there’s so much good to anticipate.

We all have the capacity to love and learn, the desire to give and accept our turn.

We all have the ability to choose good over bad, and make solid choices we’re lucky to h ave.

No matter what comes the world will go on,  just keep kindness and love as your number one.

Here’s to an amazing 2014.



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