Gray Expectations – Shades of Gray 5

Have you ever purchased a car that you thought was unique both in style and color, only to find out that your choice wasn’t so original? Suddenly every third car is the same  model and color as yours. Hmmm.

Susan Axelrod chatting with Caroline Kennedy.

Well, I’m having the same experience with women and gray hair. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a lot more gray hair on women than ever before. I’m sure that my spidey senses are in overdrive, but the fact is they are out there. (I see gray haired people.)

Just this past week, there was a story about David Axlerod (Obama’s political advisor) shaving off his mustache because the epilepsy foundation that he and his wife Susan started, raised over 1 million dollars.  As his wife looked on, I noticed a sassy, silver haired, lovely young woman. I did some research and it looks like she’s always had it and in my opinion, she wears it well.

Since embarking on this fun journey, I have received some fascinating emails and even a phone call from my 5th grade art teacher who is a gray believer. “I just love my hair the way it is. I never thought about it being right or wrong, it was just the way it was meant to be. By the way Nicki, it’s silver, not gray.” Alrighty, silver it is!

A couple of days ago, I ran in to an old friend and she asked,” This is a joke, right? You’re not really doing that, right? You’re just doing this for something to write about, right?”  My response was, “No.”  She walked away mumbling to herself something about a crazy woman. I didn’t catch all  of it, probably because my hearing is going. Right? Doesn’t that happen to silver haired people?  🙂

I also received an email from a lovely woman who shared her story as a cancer survivor. She told me that she didn’t have a choice about her hair color. Once she started receiving treatment, she lost all of her hair. While her hair was growing in, she chose to wear different wigs and loved playing with hair color. Her hair came in grey, but she didn’t care much for the color, so she still enjoys wearing her wigs. Hmmm, maybe she’s on to something. She did suggest that I shave my head so that my authentic hair would grow in. You all have said that I’m brave, but I am not that brave. They’ll be no shaved head for this gal. But don’t think for a brief moment I didn’t consider it.

So ladies, and even men, if you’ve decided to go au naturel, please continue sending me your stories. I’ve got a great collection so far that I will share, anonymously, as I move forward. And for those of you that would rather scrape your knuckles on a grater vs. letting your colorist retire, I want to hear from you too!

I love adventures. In 5 days I go to my first “going gray” hair appointment. Photos to follow!

Here’s to a positive spirit that never tells your age!



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  1. Got my hair cut this week. My stylist actually told me I should continue to go grey. As she put it, I have an extremely healthy head of hair and the grey I have looks almost like highlights in my hair. No sense in adding chemical processes to it. This was from someone who would actually make more money if I she did those chemical processes on my hair. But one of the reasons I go to her is that she seems to understand her clients and their personal needs. While I let her cut my hair however she wants (because I totally trust her on that – she is a genius) she understands me as a person. She gives me a cute, low maintenance cut that flatters my face shape and compensates for my hair’s idiosyncrasies.

    • Thanks Susan! I think it’s key to find a great hair dresser that “gets you.” Though my stylist thinks my current hair color is flattering, she’s game to go through this process with me and help me transition more subtly. I need to start getting everyone to send pictures so that I can show off how lovely gray/silver can be! I was somewhere last night where the women felt the haircut is key. My stylist is great with that, we’ll see what she suggests. I like cute and low maintenance!

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