Ode to 2020

What a year it has been, who would’ve guessed

All that we’ve encountered sure put us to the test 

It’s been the longest year so glad to be moving on

So here I go with my annual ode- let 2020 be gone!

Back in March I thought, “Surely, this virus will pass”

Sadly it has gone on too long its impact has been vast

Despite all of this there’s still plenty to embrace

One of which has simply been slowing down our pace

Though we have seen plenty of division and mistrust

It’s also brought folks together which is definitely a plus 

For some of us it’s forced us to stop and pay attention

To things we took for granted which gives life new dimension

Others speak of new found hobbies that might have been ignored

It’s kept us all from missing the norm or even being bored

I’ve noticed others cooking more (me too!) and mixing up great food

I suppose it’s one more thing to add to our list of gratitude

I cannot ignore the pain of millions who have suffered

The division, hate, lives changed, will we all recover?

The truth is we will, we’ve done it before, and it will happen again

We simply need to listen more as intolerance can’t remain.

There was a time I recall when differences served to unite us

Sadly these very same things are now trying to divide us

But I remain hopeful and steadfast toward making change

Because the truth is despite it all love still remains

Love is the one thing that we know that never dies

And if we ignore it’ll stay, it just will simply hide

Until something shifts and we’re finally able to see

That I am just like you, and you are just like me

We all have our stuff our challenges and beliefs

Truth is no rule states we always have to agree

Now more than ever let’s share respect and love

It’s the core of our unity and allows peace to rise above

As we look to the New Year with questions and doubt

Let us all remember what life is really about

In each one of us, there is value and there’s worth

So here’s to goodwill to all and lasting peace on earth

Happy New Year!


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