Gray Expectations- Hair Color Basics – 6

IMG_0168I had my first appointment with my stylist, Terri today for my going gray journey. I learned a lot.

For starters, just because you decide to go gray does not mean you’ll miss one color appointment and boom, you’re gray.

Terri said, “We all have varying levels of gray, but for most of us, it begins around the front hairline, around the ears and less in back.”  Apparently, I’m not as gray as I thought. Hmmm.  Given that I’ve been having weird dreams about this whole process, including being called Grandma by my neighbor, and having long hair with tinsel in it (I think I had too much pizza that night), I suppose that not as much gray means the change won’t be as dramatic. Note, the longer your hair is, the longer the transition.

Terri explained that the texture of gray hair is very different from color treated hair. It can be wiry and coarse, or in some cases very soft (please let mine be soft, please let mine be soft…) Most interesting was to find out that 90% of gray hair that has that yellow tinge to it is due to smoking. 10% is for other reasons. Yay me, I’m a non-smoker.

So today, we just did something called a glaze. No color, and the lovely gray zipper much less visible. The glaze is like a decoupage for hair. It softens hair up and makes the gray less obvious. Apparently, she’ll dictate when to start adding something called, low lights to the glaze. Glazing is very gentle on hair, it’s ammonia free and low ph. Cool. IMG_0176

Finally, I decided to get my hair cut off. Many of you worried that long gray hair is very unattractive. I took your advice with a little help from Terri, and off it went. Btw, having a great relationship with  your stylist is key. You also shared that a cute hairstyle makes a big difference, regardless of hair color. Sooo, chop, chop. About 3 inches, off. I love it, sassy. What do you think?

Two of the most common reasons I’m hearing that women don’t go au natural is, skin tone which doesn’t go well with gray hair and the other, husbands said, “No!”  Hmmmm. Most common reason women go gray, they were ready.

So this was Phase I, no biggie. I’m feeling pretty good about this process. Starting today, I’ll take regular photos to see how the color changes and what I think. I’m also very interested in your thoughts and feedback. I love your gray hair stories and color stories, so keep ’em coming!  I want to know why you do or do not color your hair? How do you feel about your hair? Does your hair define you?  Inquiring minds want to know!




Here’s to a positive spirit that never tells your age!


7 responses to “Gray Expectations- Hair Color Basics – 6”

  1. They cut looks great. I totally agree that having a good relationship with your hairdresser is a must. I cut several inches a few months ago and went very short and love it. It made me feel young. I think a great haircut is key to feeling good regardless of hair color. I’m really enjoying your “grey journey”. Happy Holiday’s!!!!

    • Debra, a new haircut does amazing things for your psyche. I feel like I look so much better than with long locks. So many learning opportunities!

  2. Thank you for sharing this journey. I do not color my hair and the gray is slowly increasing. I try to keep my attitude a positive one of transformation, ‘seeing what I will become’, because the only constant in life is change. I must admit though, I have times of doubt, when I feel I should do something about the gray. There is a very fine between doing what you feel you ‘should’ and doing what you need to do to feel good about yourself! Thanks again.

    • Diane, so much of m y choice to do this was to find out how it would affect me. What I’m finding is how many people are affected by seeing gray hair. Ultimately, you’re right, you just have to keep a positive attitude, if YOU love it. If you don’t love it, your stylist can be a pretty amazing partner in creating a look, gray or not, that makes you feel fab!

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