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Have you ever purchased a car that you thought was unique both in style and color, only to find out that your choice wasn’t so original? Suddenly every third car is the same  model and color as yours. Hmmm. Well, I’m having the same experience with women and gray hair. In the past couple of […]
  So, who would have thought that gray is the new black? It seems to be among the young Hollywood crowd. If Pink can sport it, why can’t I? Seriously, how cute is this? I know, I know it’s Pink and she’s 20 years younger, and a rock star.  But  still, it seems Hollywood is […]
Questions I have about changing my hair color: 1. Walking by a group of guys, gals and thinking, “Brunettes, blondes, redheads gets the looks. Gray heads- not so  much.” 2. I will never, ever, ever be carded again except maybe to prove my AARP card is legit. 3. Will my current wardrobe go with my […]
Wow, wow, wow. Since posting my initial going gray journey, it’s been fascinating to read the responses both on Facebook and my blog. Some are shocked that I would even consider this, others would like to try it, but vanity prevents it. There are also a few that have never colored their hair, ever. In […]
With the recent news of the Patraeus affair, people are abuzz with disbelief. But the disbelief didn’t seem to stem from Patraeus’ behavior, more from the obvious contrast between his wife of 40 years, and his mistress.  In fact, some were heard saying, “Well, no wonder he cheated on her!”  Hmmm. So, this got me […]
  This past week I celebrated another birthday. I say another birthday because it wasn’t a “big” birthday, it wasn’t a landmark birthday, simply a birthday that left me scratching my head and wondering, “Where has time gone?” It’s funny, I remember my Grandmother saying to me, “Don’t wish your life away, it moves quickly […]
    ARGH! It’s happening, those annoying signs of aging.  As an active adult, I’m convinced that all the positives steps I’m taking will avert natural signs of aging including, aches and pains, graying hair, disease and eye sight- just to name a few. The aches and pains I chalk up to my activity level, […]
This past week we celebrated my youngest child’s 21st birthday. The event was incredibly special, and someone even commented, “Wow, if this is her 21st birthday, I can’t wait to see what her wedding will be like!” Turning 21 is sort of a mixed bag. It’s the reminder that all the really big times in […]
There is nothing more invigorating or gratifying than a great conversation with great friends. As I get older, I find that I love those friends that have willingly turned over the “age-fight” in exchange for embracing change, and the unpredictability of what’s next. After more than 20 years in the fitness industry, I have encountered […]
During this past year, I’ve had some pretty major changes in my life. After 20 years of owning my own personal training studio, I sold it.  I said, “good-bye” to some amazing clients and walked out of the studio and in to a new life. My youngest child will be a senior in college this […]