“The Path to Authentic and Loving Leadership Always Begins with the Truth.”                         –N. Anderson


The Impact of Mistrust

I once had a boss who never told me the truth. Over and over again I was told things that simply didn’t happen, ever.

I wasn’t the only person experiencing this; others in the department did as well. Over time, we simply learned to ignore anything we were told. This led to resentment, disengagement, mistrust and a toxic environment.

Truth Equals Trust

In leadership, telling the truth, even when it’s hard, will have a lasting impact on the team and culture. Truth equals trust.  When you lead with trust:

-Communication is enhanced

-Credibility increases

-More meaningful relationships are built

-An example is set


Truth Goes Both Ways

However, there are two sides to this coin. Just as important as it is for leaders to tell the truth to their team, they also must accept the truth when someone is directing it to them. As a leader, accepting honest feedback builds a psychologically safe environment.

Leaders who are truthful demonstrate integrity and respect for their team, creating a culture where everyone feels safe expressing themselves and contributing fully.

Love-led leaders understand that honesty is not just a moral obligation but a vital component of effective leadership.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha.

How has the truth impacted your leadership?


Here’s to leading with love!





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