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A bit of some pie, a slice of the cake, January's coming, resolutions I’ll then make. I won’t worry now, what time I would waste, I won’t eat that much, simply a taste. I promised myself, I’d diet next year, I promise I will, you’re reading it here.In the scheme of things, what’s a pound or two? I’ve lost it before, I’m sure you have too!
"Though I look forward to the changing leaves, and gorgeous fall scenery, it's important to consider exercise plans for the fall/winter season. After all, as the seasons change so does our lifestyle."
So for 2011 why not rethink the changes you want to make? Plan out your strategy and most important, make sure that it's something that's really important to you, versus something that someone tells you to do. If I had my way, these are things that I would like to see for 2011 resolutions.
Let me ask you a question. Do you know how much Americans spend on weight loss? Some research shows, well over 40 billion, that’s BILLION dollars annually. Next question, is obesity in our country going up or down? Studies show that adult obesity was up in 23 states last year. Last question, what individual took […]
The season is upon us, parties, clients  bringing well intentioned “gifts” of food and on and on the food frenzy goes. So, if you’re trying to stay on track and maintain a dedication to healthy living, what do you do? Simple, plan, plan plan. 1. Always eat breakfast and make it a protein filled breakfast […]
This holiday season, don't let sugar blow your weight loss efforts.
Summer has finally arrived! With that, the guilt of weight loss efforts is ringing louder than ever. “Who would have thought summer would get here so fast? Surely I lose this weight by the 4th of July, right?” Wrong. A common weight loss mistake that people make when desperately trying to get rid of some […]
“You can diet for weight loss, shame, guilt, pressure, etc. But you can not diet forever.” After 25 plus years in the the health and fitness industry, I’ve seen diets come and go. I believe that if diets really worked, they wouldn’t have to keep reinventing themselves, but they do. Year after year the same […]
There is no question that November 1st kicks off the food frenzy. As food and drink run rampant, deserts are added to most peoples diet as a new food group. With the knowledge that January 1st is around the corner, it